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The High Life Essay

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Jack Joaquin
Essay #4
October 28, 2013
The High Life
The use of marijuana, smoked or eaten, can produce adverse physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral effects. It can impair short-term memory, judgment, and distort perception (Marijuana Use). Marijuana use is very controversial, and is viewed by most as negative, but has proved to be beneficial as well. All ages and races use marijuana, and contrary to popular belief, it can become addicting (Marijuana Tips for Teens).
Marijuana smoke, like that of tobacco, consists of a toxic mixture of gases and small particles, many of which are known to damage the lungs. In addition, marijuana smokers generally inhale more ...view middle of the document...

However, we do know the effects of marijuana use in general (Marijuana Use).
As THC enters the brain, it causes a euphoric feeling or what many call “being high.” This feeling is created because the THC is acting on the brains reward system, which is the area that responds to pleasurable things like sex, chocolate, and other hard-core drugs. THC activates the reward system in the same way that nearly all drugs of abuse do, by stimulating brain cells to release dopamine. Along with euphoria, relaxation is another reported effect in human studies. There are many other effects like heightened sensory perception, laughter, altered perception of time, increased appetite, sleepiness, depression, anxiety, fear, distrust, and panic, that all vary based on the individual user (NIDA Drug Facts).
Marijuana use also impairs a person’s ability to form new memories and to shift focus. THC also throws off coordination and balance by interacting with the parts of the brain that regulate balance, coordination, posture, and reaction time. Therefore, also affecting learning, doing complicated tasks, athletic participation, and driving. Because marijuana impairs judgment and motor coordination and slows reaction time, an intoxicated person has an increased chance of being involved and being responsible for an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drugs other than alcohol are involved in about 18 percent of motor vehicle driver deaths. A recent survey found that 7 percent of drivers who were involved in accidents tested positive for THC (Marijuana Tips for Teens).
Marijuana has many negative...

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