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The Hidden Outlier Essay

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Cathcart 1

Ciera Cathcart
Period 0
Honors English
28 April 2014

The Hidden Outlier
Truth Lies, fairness and kindness is the reality of all americans no matter what color, race, or

who you are. Nobody wants to be singled out ever.The treatment of women has always been a hard

subject in society and many subjects of novels. Walker dramatically shows realistic imagery, as

she reels the reader in by conditions black women put up with and what life can be like when you

are abused. In The Color Purple ,by Alice Walker, tackles the subject of sexism in communties.

The first amendment does issue the fact that women's rights should be their and that ...view middle of the document...

In this

quote Stuart is saying that if we just had one opinion what would mankind be like, hes trying to say

we need more people to stand up for themselves and that don't let the silence go away. Often

books are mainly taken away due to the desire to protect children or adolescents. Reasons why

they would be taken out would be sexually explicit, offensive language or unsuited to any age

group, but this does not mean it has to fall in this category you may just think it is not acceptable.

“If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all”

( Douglass 2). As douglass says how can we learn and read about things we should know when

people just want to take it all away from just because it has explicit language.

However, the real question is do we really know what the real world is, if people are painting

pretty pictures of it? The First Amendment gives us the right to distribute literature also protects

the right to receive it is critical also guarantees the of freedom of speech and freedom of we have

the right to read a book.School boards are not aloud to restrict the availability of books in public

school libraries because school-board members disagree with certain ideas or content.The First

Amendment affirms the freedom of the individual.The First Amendment basically tells the

government to get away from our religion and our ability to express ourselves. Although, some

Cathcart 3

ideas of expressing ourselves could be inappropriate to others we have rights, Other people have

rights, too. And we have the right to learn and read materials we want. For example, Harry Potter

has been banned when students all across the world have fallen in love with this series, just

because people felt witchcraft and magic is equalized with evil. There is a quote the goes to show

that people dont realize its a fantasy or fake they just believe its doing wrong, "They see it as real.

A small group of Americans can't accept fantasy that way. They really do care [about the book's

impact], so they go against others' legal rights”(West). What effect does book censorship have on

an individual's ability to recognize the benefits of the First Amendment? The effects are serious

and have a major impact on the freedom of expression in...

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