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The Herb That Could Heal Nations

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The Herb That Could Heal Nations
Whether you call it Marihuana, Mary Jane, Cannabis or Ganja it is a herb that has many
people advocating for its legalization once again. It is now unjustly classified as an illegal drug
in most countries and as having no medicinal value in the United States constitution. The fact
that medical cannabis is now available throughout Canada and twenty of the US states shows
how biased and hypocritical the government is in regards to this plant. The fact is the legalization
of cannabis would be beneficial to our society’s health, economic and judicial systems.
Cannabis was the most widely used medicinal plant around the world with documentation
of its use in China going back 5,000 years. There is evidence showing that cannabis has helped
heal or alleviate symptoms in people ...view middle of the document...

The legalization of cannabis would not only save the government money spent on
enforcing prohibition but would create millions in tax revenue. The state of Colorado has
recently legalized the sale of cannabis and made $2.1 million dollars in its first month of
sales. This is with a population of approximately 5.2 million people, compared to Ontario’s
population of almost 13 million. Instead of all the profits going to gang and drug cartels, with
legalization there could be millions made each month which could benefit underfunded schools,
community centres, shelters and hospitals. There would also be new jobs created around the
cultivation, production and distribution of cannabis products. The tourism industry will surely
benefit as in the case of Amsterdam where there has been a significant increase since cannabis
was legalized. Ontario could always use more jobs given the thousands of jobs that have been
lost in the last few years.
The main concern of many whenever the topic of cannabis legalization is brought up is
that there will be a rise in criminal activity. I tend to disagree with this as the criminal activity
that already exists around cannabis will no longer be able to flourish. There will be too much
legitimate competition which will allow users to purchase it in a safer environment. The courts
that are usually overwhelmed and backlogged would be able to throw out or quickly resolve
many simple possession cases. This in turn allows the judiciary system to focus on more serious
matters where families and victims would no longer have to wait as long to see justice served.
If we are to look at the facts as they stand, not what they are made to look like, many
would realize that cannabis is not the harmful drug that it has been labeled to be. It is a herb that
could truly heal nations by providing real solutions that will benefit our health, provide more
money in our pockets and keep our youth from being labeled as drug users and criminals.

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