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The Heart Of The Matter In The Animal Euthanizing Controversy

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Finders of lost pets fear taking the pets to shelters because of the high probability that the pets will be killed. There haven't always been well-maintained or utilized boards for posting lost/found notices. Finders fear having no way of reuniting lost pets with owners and growing too attached to the lost pet only to have to turn it in to a shelter anyway. Owners of lost pets have had trouble finding their pets because so many shelters have been open only during the time that owners are at work. Moreover, "The time limit for finding a lost pet has been very short- 72 hours from the time of capture" (Bryant). After 72 hours, the animal is put down. Even if an owner manages to get to the ...view middle of the document...

UCLA Law Professor, Taime Bryant is pro Chapter 752 and against the fact people have procrastinated the effort to reduce the amount of shelter deaths. Taime supports the Non-profit organization of Maddie's Fund and uses the government interactions to support her cause of awareness. "Knowing that Assembly Member Vincent's bill to promote spay/neuter had already been introduced in the Legislature, Senator Hayden sought to address the problem of excessive, routinized killing of companion animals already born but caught in a system that results too easily in their deaths" (Bryant). Senator Hayden was to identify ways in which individuals who find pets, shelters which impound pets, and rescue groups which try to find pets new homes, could be made to work together efficiently. By addressing why we should find the pets a more humane way of life, Taime uses Senator Hayden to address underlying problems. Not just Senator Hayden but the government is looking out for the good of animals, their companion humans, and taxpayers interested in saving revenues being spent for avoidable killing in our shelters. The actual arguments behind euthanizing animals are if individuals view the process as humane and needed, the fact that there are overpopulation problems that need to be solved somehow, and whether or not is should be seen as just another medical process in the daily job of a veterinarian.The arguments behind euthanizing animals start from two main groups of people. There are the animal lovers and the realists. The animal lovers are going to see killing anything a horrible inhumane action. The public awareness of the amount of animals euthanized each year has grown therefore spurring groups to implement adoption, neutering, and even legislation. USA Today is like any other newspaper wanting to inform the community and grab attention. USA Today has researched that, "The largest force behind the movement is Maddie's Fund, a $240 million foundation created in 1999 by Dave Duffield, founder of PeopleSoft, the Silicone Valley software company." It just so happens that this time the newspaper has provided hope for the animal lovers. The animal lovers are very emotionally driven to reach their goal of helping any animal. Since there are such foundations created it gives all the more reason for the sentimentally motivated people to stand behind their beliefs. Clinton Sanders, a writer of the sociological forum, studies the behavioral patterns of people and relationships. Taking a step back and acknowledging this idea, Sanders believes that in such settings, the debate over euthanasia tends to focus on whether the, "sanctity of life should or should not be valued over the quality of life" (Sanders 196). If someone feels and believes that sanctity is more important, then there is a rejection of mercy killing. If quality is more important then it is easier for medical personnel to interact with an animal's situation and assist with death. So it seems people will be...

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