The Heart Of A Multinational Company

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Apple Inc.
Examining A Multinational Company

Apple Inc. previously known as Apple Computer Inc. was founded in 1976. The
American Multinational Corporation is known for dominating the technology industry with market savvy products. Apple’s success is attributed to the company’s ability to design and produce products with highly valued customer benefits and unique benefits for which customers pay premium prices. Although the company has a large presence in various segments of the technology market their focus is on four major products. Mac computers, iPod music players, iPhones, and iPads are primary products produced by the company. Apple also designs, manufacturers, and markets ...view middle of the document...

In addition, going public was certain to raise funds and capital for the company to invest in future products, expand, do research, pay off debt, and make acquisitions. In May of 1983, Apple entered Fortune 500 ranking #411 after five years of operation. This titled Apple as the fasted growing company in the history of the United States. Several years later, in August of 1998, Apple announced 150,000 preorders for the make and their stock went over $40 per share which was their highest stock price in over three years. These are just some of the events in the history of the company that had major impacts on the company’s stock price and financial status.
The billion dollar multinational company has not always been a technology giant as the company is no stranger to decreasing stock prices, decreasing customer and shareholder loyalty, and decreasing revenue and profits. Bad business decisions, failed products, and poor management once steered the company in the direction of bankruptcy.
The crisis began with the launch of Apple’s PowerBooks 5300. The 5300 units were poorly designed and shipped to customers dead on arrival. Aside from lacking function ability, there were issues with the batteries bursting into flames. After several failed attempts to cost effectively get the line launched, Apple recalled the entire line. Shorty after the PowerBooks 5300 crisis, Michael Spindlier, the CEO of Apple, licensed the MacOS to 3rd party hardware vendors who created “Mac Clones.” The clones were far less expensive than the Macs and as a result Apple lost a large sector of the market share in laptop computers and suffered a damaged reputation. The severe financial crisis worried Mac users and shareholders were rapidly losing faith in the company. As a result of the poor business decisions that almost bankrupted the company, a new CEO was appointed to give the company better guidance. The new CEO, Gil Amelio, was aggressive in his attempts to change the company’s current direction. Amelio identified major problems for the company and put together an action plan to rebuild the struggling Apple Inc. Some of the problems identified by Amelio were a shortage of cash and liquidity, a lacking of quality products, lack of viable operating system strategies, an undisciplined corporate culture, and a lack of focus. Amelio felt the company was losing money as a result of investing in too many projects rather than defining a primary focus and nurturing that focus all the way through the product cycle. As a result, the companies cut overall costs by reducing the workforce, discontinuing non cost effective projects like the Copland OS project, and purchasing Next from previous Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Amelio’s decision to bring Steve Jobs back to Apple as a consultant would greatly benefit the company in the long run as Jobs extreme product and industry knowledge gave the company the leverage it needed to gain a competitive advantage against others in...

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