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The Health Care Reform Project Essay

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The Health Care Reform Project
Michele Anne Campbell, Nadine Avelar, Melissa Bishop, Patricia Estrada, Ora Taylor
June 22, 2014
Caryn Callahan

The Health Care Reform Project
A current health care economic issue is medical care for an aging population. Because of the baby boomers, the current population of aging Americans is increased from previous years. This is a growing trend that shows no obvious signs of slowing down. With each generation, more people are born and each generation will continue to have a larger population than its predecessor. The result is an increase in the need for funding the medical care for this aging population. We currently have Medicare and Social ...view middle of the document...

Another potential solution to this growing problem may be the implementation of a new and improved program.

Individuals are now living longer, and as the age of Baby Boomer's crests, the strain on health care becomes higher. Medicaid and Medicare as well Social Security benefits are feeling the strain because individuals are living longer, and even though most have planned well for their retirement others have not. There are options available, but this would require major changes in lifestyles and how federal programs are structured here in America.
Pushing the retirement age beyond the current age of 65 is one option to help reduce the strain on federal programs. Having workers increase savings and reduce spending is another way to aide in reducing future strain in federal programs. Financial literacy, or teaching individuals how to make better financial decisions earlier in life is how this can be achieved. One other way this article suggests to help support the aging with federal assistance programs in the future would involve consuming less while still paying taxes to the federal government (U.S. News, 2012).
This article focuses on the aging population and how the aging population only accounted for about 12% of the United States Population a decade ago, but it is estimated to grow to about 21% in 2050. It is also estimated that by the year 2030 there will be about 170 million elderly Americans that will have some kind of chronic disease that will require treatment. The author questions how the health care industry will manage to pay for all of the costs associated with the number of chronic diseases and explore what solutions are available. The article concludes that there needs to be dramatic increases in productivity of health care, and that whatever changes need to be made to make health care more affordable is going to be challenging. The author also comes to the conclusion that the U.S. Health Care System needs to rethink what is not working so that changes can be made. (Can the U.S. Meet its Aging Populations Health Care Needs? (2013) Retrieved from
This article uses historical statistics from a study conducted in the early...

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