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The Health Benefits Of Exercise Essay

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Lack of exercise is the cause of most health-related issues today. Americans are becoming ill every second from lack of exercise, yet nothing is being done to prevent these diseases. Diet plans and exercise programs are advertised in every corner, yet they are ignored. Many disorders and diseases are preventable, and even curable without the aid of modern technology. Regardless, the illnesses are at an all time high and show no sign of declining. What many individuals fail to realize is how essential fitness is to life. It is imperative in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle for many reasons.

Exercise is a vital component of life. Exercise can contribute to a healthier mental ...view middle of the document...

A healthy fitness lifestyle can also raise the level of high-density lipoproteins. These proteins are cholesterol carries that transfer cholesterol to the liver so that the body can rid of it. The immune system is more developed through exercise. They human body is less likely to catch a virus or illness if kept in strong condition. The skeletal system is yet another bodily system that is effected by fitness. The skeletal system is improved because the bone mineral density is maintained through healthy lifestyles, which can help prevent osteoporosis. Through exercise, the muscular system is greatly enhanced. Muscular strength is expanded, which eventually increases muscular endurance. Muscles are also able to use energy better if regular exercise is practiced. Healthy fitness levels can potentially protect against injury and it improves the joints in the body. Physical exercise reduces the levels of anxiety, stress, and it helps alleviate depression. In improving moods, the endocrine system would be greatly affected. In addition, pain sensitivity will be decreased due to higher levels of endorphins in the brain.

Fitness is the measure of several things. One thing that it does measure is the physical activity level of an individual. Some of the components of fitness include cardiovascular capability, muscular strength, and flexibility. An individual with developed cardiovascular system has increased energy, endurance, and bone mass. In addition, it contributes to reduced blood pressure, body fat, pain sensitivity, and reduced risks of cardiac diseases. Muscular strength is obtained through gradual increases of weight resistance training which can eventually lead to increased coordination, and bone mass. Flexibility is obtained through organized range of motion exercise, which ultimately decreases the risk of muscle or joint injuries. In addition, flexibility training increases balance and coordination. Failure to practice flexibility causes rapid deterioration of joints and muscles. Fitness is also a measure of an individual's well being. Whether an individual is physically health, mentally healthy,...

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