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The Hawthorne Experiment Essay

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Ethical Issues
Ethical Issues - Why are ethical issues a major concern in organizations? What individual influences impact ethical behavior? How can organizations influence ethical behavior in employees? Use a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, or other reputable publication, for an example of ethical issues being addressed by a corporation today.
Ethics is a major concern and plays a significant part of the US society it is a crucial part in the world of business. The Unique characterization of ethics all though it is part of law ethical behavior comes down to what is right and what is wrong ethically. This paper will look at ethical behavior within an organization. It will ...view middle of the document...

In particular, it involves examining the appropriate constraints on the pursuit of self-interest, or (for firms) profits when actions of individuals or firms affect others (Business Ethics ). Ethics is moral issues and choices. Ethics it is concerned with what is right and what is wrong, good versus bad and many areas of gray, and is supposedly black and white issues.
Ethical issues are a major concern for organizations because it can affect many aspects of an organization. It can have a short term and long term effect on such things as employees, customers, organization itself, and shareholders of the company. There are many influences that impact ethical organizational behavior of employees and thus impact the overall company. Ethical or Unethical conduct is the product of a complex combination of influences. One may have a unique combination of personality characteristics, values and moral principles, leaning toward or away for ethical behavior. In addition, gender plays a pivotal role in explaining ethical behavior (Kinicki & Kreitner , 2008). Organizational behavior is concerned with identifying and managing attitudes and actions of individual groups.
The influences of ethical behavior can originate from Internal Organizational Influences and External Organizational Influences.
These influences impact ethical behavior in an organization. An example of internal influences is work relations, effective communication within an organization. Work ethics of its employees, the desire for employees to improve the organizational work place, the wages paid within an organization, and treatment. An example of internal ethics is decision making by the upper management or people who lead the company, or managers who are part of a large organization that will use unethical behavior to demonstrate excellent performance of a department or branch office to look good to the executive level management. If decision making is purely based on profits of the organization, or in the best interest of the leadership of the company, it can have a severe negative impact on the company as it pertains to its lower level employees. Lower level employees will see or experience the greed of upper management and will eventually affect the attitudes work ethics, and job performance of that employee. On the other hand we have seen companies that offer such things as profit sharing plans where the profit is share throughout the company. Many of these companies have experienced a higher level of production; the employees feel like they are all on the same team and have a common goal which they are rewarded (Profit Sharing ).
We have seen how organizational ethical behavior which was one of the factors that played its role in the collapse of the financial system that started with the mortgage companies and their investors. This collapse eventually led to banking, insurance and many other sectors of other industries. The mortgage crises...

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