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The Growth Of Lambs: Does The Number Of Lambs Per Ewe Affect Their Rate Of Growth?

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Aim: The aim of my investigation is to see which lamb grows the best and fastest out of single, twin or triplet.Input variable: Number of lambs per ewe.Output variable: Growth rate (weight of lambs)Other variables: housing, how much food for the ewe, size of ewe, the sex of it, if castrated, the breed of it.I will make it a fair test by feeding all the ewes the same food and giving them the same amount of time out at grass. I will also keep them in the same housing environment kept at the same temperature.Prediction: I think that the single lamb will grow faster and have a higher weight I also think it will be born the largest and grow fast. I think that the twins will be a healthy weight when born and through out their lives. I think that the triplets will grow the slowest and will be born the smallest maybe one being smaller than the ...view middle of the document...

Method: To do this I will mark the lambs with spray paint with a number at birth so I can tell them apart, for the same breeds I will also mark them with a letter. To weigh them I will use a weigh create. To make this a fair test I will weigh the lambs on the same day of every week and at the same time of the day. I will also make sure that my weigh crate is on zero before I start weighing the lambs to make all my results fair. I will catch the lambs by herding them into a small pen and then selecting the lamb that I want, I will pick them up by placing my hands around their back legs and supporting them with my hand on their chest.Safety : I will make sure that my lamb is in the weigh crate properly before I close the door, lift the lamb correctly into the weigh crate as to not hurt you or the lamb.Lamb number/MarkingBreedGenderNumber of lambs per ewe Weekly weight.1234567891016TexalWetherSingle68.510.5HH16.52024H 26.521TexalEwePair4.55.56.1AA10.517.522A 2021TexalWetherPair4.568LL12.514.523L 20.544SouthdownWetherPair4.55.56.5FF10.51716.5F 2244SouthdownWetherPair*45.56.5TT11.51418T 20.5TTexalWetherTriplet568.5EE16.517.523E 29TTexalEweTriplet*45.57.5RR141722.5R 20TTexalEweTriplet2.53.5IllMM5.56.59M 20.5The reason why I have stars for the pair and triplet is because there are two triplets are of the same breed and number and two pairs of the same breed and number. This is so I do not get confused.Conclusion: From my results I can see that, as the lambs get older they put on more weight. In some cases they lose weight, this is because they might have been put out in the field and needed to use their energy to keep warm. I can see that the Texal wether triplet was the heaviest, closely followed by the Texal wether single. I didn't expect a triplet to be the heaviest. I don't know why this happened.This is a graph to show how the age, breed and weather they are single, twin or triplet affects the weight. This graph is of a Texel ewe triplet with a letter.Diagram of weight create:A eveluation will need to be added!!

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