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The Growth Of Hearing Impairement Education In Zambia

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The earth is naturally surrounded by the warm blanket of air that has the capacity to absorb or retain heat rays from the surface of the earth, however, if the earth did not have small amounts of gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and other gases called the greenhouse gases it would be impossible for humans to inhabit the earth because it would have been too cold for any living thing to survive. The surface of the earth is warmed by the process called the greenhouse effect which occurs once the greenhouse gases retain some amounts of heat rays that bounce from the sun rays that heat the earth’s surface.
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Gender is in essence a term used to emphasise that sex inequality is not caused by the anatomic and physiological differences that characterize men and women, but rather by the unequal and inequitable treatment socially accorded to them. In this sense, gender alludes to the cultural, social, economic and political condition that are the basis of certain standards, values and behavioural patterns related to gender and their relationship.
Therefore, this research is trying to find areas that show the effects of climate change on gender which are roles ascribed by the society and areas that where climate change mitigation measures have been recorded, it will illustrate some of the facts with pictures depicting some evidenced effects of climate change and some measures that are being put in place in order to reduce or cushion the impacts of climate change.
The effects of climate change are felt differently by men, women and children, in most cases, women and girls are the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. For example, Gender bias in the impact of disasters is also under-reported. When disasters strike, they hurt the whole community, but women often bear the brunt. Floods frequently claim far more female victims because their mobility is restricted and they have not been taught to swim. In the aftermath of a disaster, restrictions on the legal rights and entitlements of women to land and property can limit access to credit needed for recovery ( ).
It has been proved that during disasters such as floods, women and children especially girls are the most affected, this is because most of the women don’t have access to personal transport so as to be able to escape such disasters with easy……………states that during the Hurricane Katrina that hit Louisiana in 2005, Women were disproportionately represented among those left in the city following the storm. Despite making up 54% of the population of the city, 80% of those who were left were women. In many cases, this was because they lacked the means to leave. They did not have access to the private transport that the authorities assumed in their emergency planning, or have the resources to pay for petrol or accommodation on leaving the city. Since the conditions of living in camps don’t give any form of privacy to affected individual, most women and children once placed in camps face sexual assault, rape and violence.
a. Climate change, water and energy.
The effects of climate change have led to the reduced supply of water in most parts of Zambia, in backing this point, the Human Development report (HDR, 2007:28) emphasises that, “In many countries, climate change means that women and young girls have to walk further to collect water, especially in the dry season. Moreover, women can be expected to contribute much of the labour that will go into coping with climate risks through soil and water conservation, the building of anti-flood embankments and increased off...

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