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The Grove Essay

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Summary of Grove

The short story is about a man and a women, who's names we are not given.

They visit his parents in Florida. They live in a trailer next to an orange grove. On the second day he has an accident on a motorbike. He hurts his ribcage but he doesn't want her help. Their relationship is strained. She is an alcoholic, he has left his wife, but they are still married. At night she sneak into the bathroom to drink some whisky. The next day they take a boat out. They sail around and talk. They come to a dock and tie up the boat. Here they meet some elder women, who gives them some beers. She gets to much to drink and when they come back to the trailer she stumbles in a carpet ...view middle of the document...

What we know about her is that she is an alcoholic. I would say that she loves him. She wants to care for him when he gets hurt riding the motorbike and also the day after. She is afraid of loosing him so she apologizes a lot.
I would say that she is untrustworthy. He asks her not to bring alcohol to his parents house but she does it anyway. At night when she is in the bathroom drinking some whiskey and she says, that he won't be able to smell it in the morning, it seems like she doesn't love him when she says, and so what if he does. I think this is due to her alcohol problem. She hope he won't notice it.

I would say that he is weak-willed. He can't leave her even though he knows that she doesn't want to stop drinking ( 4 (11) line 133). It doesn't seem like she wants children either. When the woman at the dock says, what does he want kids for? she answers, he likes kids.

She feels betrayed by him. She feels this way because he has told his parents about her drinking problem.
At one point in the story he gives her an ultimatum. He does that when she asks him, what will happen when they go home. His answer is, you know that is up to you. I would guess that this means that if she doesn't stop drinking, he will leave her.

All in all their relationship lacks communication and mutual understanding, but I think that they do love each other. If her...

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