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The Grief Of The Three Main Characters In

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As the story progresses, it is full of grief. This story does not even have a happy opening, it is sad through and through. To understand this grief, we must clearly comprehend the character's personality and background, before we can even begin to understand his grief. The people who come to grief and evoke grief in us are the three main characters: Stanley Kowalski, Blanche and Stella Dubois The first character that I mention that is Stanley because of his background. He is strong, robust. He has a good looking attractive woman, and he enjoy the pleasures of life. He is common, but after Blanche arrives, his life changes. He is innocent of any wrongdoing at first, this only creates more ...view middle of the document...

However, this all changes suddenly and she becomes poorer and poorer because the Belle Reve is lost. Although she loses everything, she still wants to retain her wealthy life-style. But she is a lonely person; nobody truly cares for her and she invites conflict wherever she goes. She goes to Flamingo hotel to work as a whore in order to support herself. Simultaneously, she was also working as an English teacher, but was consequently fired for having sex with a 17 years old student and wanting to marry him. It was upon other people discovering inappropriate activities, that she had to leave town and go to Stanley's house. She isolates herself because everybody refuses to trust her or with live her. She is constantly shouted at by Stanley and makes conflict. She is nervous and often engages in drink and smoking in order to escape; she is unable to control herself. Her nervousness makes her crazy. She lies to people as she cannot face on herself because she is ashamed of her past and wants to hide it. She doesn't know what to do next; she has completely lost her sense of direction. This is her grief. It is this and her eventual rape by Stanley which make the audience empathize with her problems in spite of all her shortcomings and lurid past.Finally, there is Stella, Stanley's wife and Blanche's younger sister. She is fully dependent on Stanley and her life undergoes a complete overhaul when her sister...

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