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The Greenby Mental Health Center Essay

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The Greenby Community Health Center
By: Debbie H. Butcher
May 20, 2011
University of Phoenix

The Consultation and Education Department the Greenby Community Mental Health center is experiencing issues that can lead to the demise of the program. The demise of the program would have a profound effect on all of community mental health centers because the Consultation and Education ...view middle of the document...

Before deciding on whether to cut the Consultation and Education departments, McDonald should engage in a formative evaluation, which will give him the necessary information needed to make a formative decision on whether or not to cut or continue the programs. In order for the evaluation to produce true and accurate results depends on active involvement of all human service workers in the agency because they are required to set objectives, meet those objectives, and continually gather data (Lewis, Packard & Lewis, 2007). Using the formative evaluation method, McDonald can easily compare accomplishments with objectives of the Consultation and Education department and make adjustments where necessary. McDonald should start by using, “An information system that can provide answers to the basic process evaluation questions: exactly what services where provided, by whom, for whom, to how many, in what time period, at what cost (Lewis, Packard & Lewis, 2007). If Mr. McDonald uses the information gathered correctly, “Guidelines for needed program improvements become clear, comparison of alternate methods become feasible, and accountability becomes reality. After careful monitoring, Mr. McDonald can provide proven evidence of the program’s worthiness to the, “Funders, agency board, and other stakeholders with information on how the program is doing with reference to previously identified objectives and standards and also helps agency administrators make adjustments in either the means or the targets of service delivery (Lewis, Packard & Lewis, 2007). Ultimately, there are four basic objectives that must be included in a program evaluation:
* To provide information that will be useful in improving a program while it is in operation (a formative evaluation)
* To provide information about achievement of the program goals and objectives (outcome evaluation)
* To provide information about outcomes relative to program costs (cost effectiveness) or costs per output (unit costs or efficiency)
* To provide descriptive information about the type and quantity of program activities or inputs (process evaluation)
According to Lewis, Packard & Lewis, (2007), “Leads the way toward efficiency assessment by helping specify how agency resources, especially human resources have been use. This will prove helpful when Mr. McDonald stands before the stakeholders of the Greenby Community Mental Health Center and gives reasoning as towhy the program should continue to receive funding and employee adequate staff to fulfill vacancies at all of the affiliated facilities.
Outcome Evaluation
Both process and outcome evaluations depend on clearly specified objectives. Mr. McDonald should present relative information to the stakeholders on the implications and importance of the Consultation and Education Department. In presenting the information...

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