The Great Wall Of China Painting By William Simpson

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Assessment 1B: Middle Childhood
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The development of a child from birth to 6 years is full of many activities. From birth, Levent lived a normal child life whereby he learned most of things from his parents. He had a generalized tension and lived a helpless life. As the age of 6 years get close Levent becomes more responsible and social with other children. From 6 years Levent attained the school age and many changes took place related to the new environment and development of new friends. Between the ages of 6 and7 years, cognitive changes takes place in life of a child due to the development of various social skills (Bee & ...view middle of the document...

Levent easily followed the rules of the games.
On the other hand, the cognitive theory argues that parents play a major role in influencing the cognitive skills of a child. At the age of 8 years, Levent cognitive skills had developed greatly, and I enhanced the development by encouraging him play some computer games that were challenging. However, Levent seemed to be selective and chose the games that he liked. According to Erickson theory of psychological development, children reach a point that they feel that they have become competent and do not have to depend on their parents. The third psychological stage states that most children assert their power and control by directing other social interactions in the world (Santrock, 2011; 155-159). Levert participated well in groups and had a perfect social interaction with the outside world. I realized that he was shy, and I encouraged him to play with friends at school and even in the neighborhood as a way of solving the social problem. According to the sociological theory by Vygotsky the cultural and social environment of a child enhances the social skills of an individual. I had to solve the problem by creating a good social environment for the child so that he could develop the social skills easily (Crain, 2005; 97).
 The psychologists report (8 to10 years)
According to Santrock, (2011; 68), socialization skills at initial stages of development are not influenced by the parents but develop naturally. At the age of six, I observed that Levent had already developed some limited social skills. Initially, Levert had a close friend who he used to play and talk stories with. However, the family of the child moved and this affected him a lot. Socialization skills are vital for the development of other aspects of the child according to the Vygotsky’s theory of social development. The theory argues that social development is the first thing that developed by children (Santrock, 2011; 62). I agree with the theory because social development was the fit thing I realized about Levent.
According to the development theory, some characteristics of individuals emerge naturally (Berk, 2012; 97). At the age of 10, the cognitive developmental skills of the child were still improving because he now wanted to know new things such as games, issues relating to driving and even worked well at school. According to the development theory, the habit of exploring new things makes children test many things. Levent liked reading books, and I realized that he understood what he read because he would tell interesting parts of the book. I knew this because I had read the books. This behavior matches the argument in the psychological theory of development by Erickson. The theory argues that at this stage, the children try to show their competence to others and manage to prove this, they...

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