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The Graduate Essay

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The Graduate directed by well-known Mike Nichols along with the brilliant screenplay writers Calder Willingham and Buck Henry. This particular film was based on Charles Webb’s 1963 novel adaptation that was also named The Graduate. The release date of this film was set for December 21, 1967. The sixties were known to be the decade filled with new surprising occurrences. Such aspects regarding the developing trends of fashion, new various musical styles, civil rights, gay and lesbian liberation, assassinations like JFK and Martin Luther King, the ongoing war in Vietnam and the counterculture of the youth in the United States during this decade.
The Graduate reflects the values of American ...view middle of the document...

There came a time when the young crowd revolted against the traditional values and attitudes in the 1960’s. The youth became skeptical on the respect towards authority, religion and government and usually practiced democracy through the form of protesting. In today’s youth all they younger crowd seems to care about is the fashion, money.
The film deals with the issue of the generation gap in various ways. As stated earlier, the music, events, and the social changes made a permanent impression on us. In ways in that during the 1960s, it became known as baby boomers. The baby boomers can be considered a “lost generation” because they stemmed on so many different paths in life, seemingly going off in their direction of choice to distance themselves from what came before. In a generation driven primarily by feelings and the need to separate, by whatever means and for whatever reason, from all that had come before. And we today have suffered and prospered because of that and continue the tradition.
The similarities between “Jim” from Rebel Without a Cause and “Ben” in The Graduate are that

Discuss The Graduate in terms of the time period in which it was made. What was going on in the year of its release? How does the film reflect the values of American youth? How does it deal with the issue of the generation gap? Are there similarities between “Jim” in “Rebel” and “Ben” in “The Graduate”? How did the American society change in the twelve years between the films releases? What visual and stylistic devices were utilized to express the subject matter?

the story is told brilliantly, that The Graduate was said to be extremely significant- culturally, historically and aesthetically, according to the preservation in the United States National Film Registry in 1996. Mike Nichols’ direction gives a dry, slow, tired and hopeless environment for the story and its lost characters to act, beautifully and realistically matching the stress of the overall plot. It turned out to be one of the most successful and well put together groups of actors in cinema history. With a slow, awkward and purposely stressful performance by Dustin Hoffman and a...

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