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The Good Earth Essay

670 words - 3 pages

Danielle Pickett

November 3, 2009

English II H

The Good Earth

In The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck, there is a cycle of life. It was a cycle of dedication, determination, and its successes. Wang Lung and his family experience a lot of changes, like suffering through a drought, adjusting to the South, and then becoming rich. Lung’s dedication to his soil led him to great success, but he soon realized having it all isn’t the answer to everything.
During the beginning of The Good Earth, Wang Lung and his family suffers a severe drought. “The rains, which should have come in early summer, withheld themselves, and day after day the skies shone with fresh and careless brilliance” (70). At first, Wang Lung was just making enough to support his family, and then a drought came out of nowhere. Wang Lung depended on his land for food ...view middle of the document...

To survive in the South, O-lan, the old man, and the kids had to beg for food and money. Prior to the begging, Wang Lung had to pull jinrikisha just about all day. He still made a lot less than he has actually worked. His land made him keep going, he knew that it would all be over soon and he could get back to his land. As soon as Wang Lung felt he had saved up enough in the South, they returned to their land.
Meanwhile, Wang Lung began buying more land. He started to harvest more and more land. Therefore, he was known as a rich man with a lot of land. “There was silver hidden in the walls of his house and there was a sack of silver buried under a tile in the floor of his new house and there was silver wrapped in a cloth in the box in his room where he slept with his wife and silver sewed into the mat under their bed and his girdle full of silver and he had no lack of it” (182). As a result of his wealth, Wang Lung begins to live his rich lifestyle. All of this money started to get to Wang Lung. He was never satisfied with what he had, he always wanted more. He buys slaves, a woman for pleasure, and laborers to work in the lands. Nevertheless, his family was also living it up too. His sons went to school to become scholars. They were given names by the master, Nung En and Nung Wen, which both meant whose wealth is from the earth. Due to all this, Wang Lung had become one of the richest men in town with a lot of land.
In conclusion, Wang Lung and his family experienced a lot throughout The Good Earth. In summary, him and his family suffer through a drought; adjust to the life in the South, and the rich lifestyle. All in all, it seemed like Wang Lung never turned his back on his land and he never left his family. As a result of all this, Wang Lung realized that if it weren’t for the land, everything that they ever had would have never happened.

Work Cited
Buck S., Pearl. The Good Earth. New York: Pocket Books, 2005

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