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The Godfather’s Essential Morality Essay

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Summary: In the essay, “The Godfather’s Essential Morality” by Louis Baxter it explains how The Godfather is very honest. Baxter states that this book is moral because it doesn’t portray the world to be something its not. It is very straight forward and shows human beings as they are. Baxter gives different examples of why he feels The Godfather is completely moral. In The Godfather Puzo presents several different social ironies, according to Baxter. His opinion about this book being moral came from the different accounts of social irionies that Puzo put forward. Things such as the family unit being key to surviving in the world, a poor immigrant that is truly honorable, or even characters not wasting time on the wishing wells of life. Baxter also elaborated on how The Godfather is often remembered as a story about criminals but with all the ...view middle of the document...

I wouldnt be where i am today without my family. In The Godfather the parents take care of the children and the rest of the family, while the children must obey the parents while helping one another out. This is the reality of life, aside from the novel. I also agree that this novel is moral and honest because it shows the world how it really is and not for what we want it to be. We usually are blinded by the impurities of life and dont see the world for what it really is but in The Godfather Puzo is straight forward with his points. There are characters in the book by the name of Johnny Fontane, Freddy, and Nino. These characters are weak and independent which Puzo labels them as fools. Johnny is a father but does not take the role of the father as he should. Puzo says, “ No man who isnt a father to his children can be called a real man.” This statement is completely moral and honest. From my personal experience with my father this is very true. There are many men in our society that do not take responsibility for their children that should not be considered men, Baxter asks, “Who can disagree that a strong family is necessary to withstand the storms or life?” I agree with this because without a strong family the obstacles in life are not possible to get through alone. A strong family is the backbone and keeps everything together when it feels like it’s falling apart. Lastly, The Godfather is based on characters that do not waste time worrying about what they cannot have. Vito Corleone is a poor immigrant but he still practices ways to be truly honorable.
In conclusion, i agree with Baxters stance on The Godfather, the novel is completely moral and honest by the different acconts that Puzo brought to us. From my personal experience and the way he puts things in the novel you can tell that The Godfather is all about the reality of life. Baxter states very important facts that help me agree with the fact that The Godfather is based moralities.

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