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The Godfather Essay

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The Godfather (1972)
The Godfather by Mario Puzo, is a world acclaimed piece of work. Not only did the book win in many ways but the movie is also a trendsetter in its own right. The Godfather trilogy to this day is considered the best trilogy of its times. The saga carefully and intimately inspects ups and downs and psychology of the Corleone family and the main thing, fears and the insecurities that each character possesses and how they compel them to behave in the way they do. The movie was not only popular for its artwork, but also for its major elements used in film, e-g cinematography and music.
The cinematography is done in really nice way which filled up with the magnificent ...view middle of the document...

When his wife, Kay, finally confronts Michael about his business and his possible murder of his stepbrother Carlo, Michael lies to her and comforts her. Kay, momentarily relieved, leaves his office to get them a drink. As she stands in the hallway, she looks back at Michael in his office as his, officer’s salute and honors him as the new Don of the family. One of them, Al Neri, walks up to the door and shuts it, but just before door shuts, the movie cuts to reverse shot of Kay looking at the camera while slowly darkness creeps in over the frame as the door is shut, and she is shut out. That one image, which literary is nothing more than a wipe to “black” is so significant to story, and so iconic. It truly is one of the great shots and great endings of the Godfather.
The use of music in the movie is really brilliant. There are no suspense music, no cut- always, there are just a slow push in on brilliant actor after all the minutia of character and situation has been meticulously set up in the scenes and moments proceeding. And the fact that Italian is being spoken and is not being translated, because at this point, words don’t mean a thing, which makes scene brilliant. The emotions are built with use of music and there is no artificial aid from music. The calm music in the movie signifies that; murder is an everyday event like eating or urinating for the Corleones. The use of diegetic music is prominent in the first 25 minutes of the film. During this time, godfather’s daughter Connie’s wedding celebration is taking...

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