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The Glass Ceiling Essay

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The Glass Ceiling

Hossam Elhowary

Professor Anthony Teri, MBA, MA

Psychology of Women

Union County College

The Glass Ceiling

Inequality primarily refers to when different groups are deprived their choice of rights. It has been pronounced in the current society at diverse levels and in a variety of parts. The most common features are in relation to gender, age, social class, geographical background among other features. In adverse situations, discriminatory acts have often resulted into conflicts in the society therefore an array of devastating consequences. In addition, equitable development in most societies has often been compromised by cases of inequalities ...view middle of the document...

The trend is witnessed in both the public and the private sector. In response to these, many affirmative actions have been initiated by humanitarian’s companies in a number of countries in a bid to ensure equality at work areas. Therefore, this paper will attempt to articulate attempt to the a range of causes of gender inequality and the effects on the progressive development of the women. This will be achieved through the reflection on the inequality cases in a variety of sectors and countries. At the end of this paper, the effects of these gender inequalities will be clearly stipulated besides the possible measures that can be adopted so as to curb these resulting devastating results.

A number of debates have been brought forth for the disparity in the income levels between women and men at work areas. One of the critical discussions is that regarding the responsibilities vested upon the two genders. Some personalities argue that most duties in the societal set up are vested upon the men. They further argue that the responsibility comes with power that in this case is better wages at work places. However, these sentiments have faced strong critic who opines that the magnitude of responsibility should form the center in the discussions for wages at work areas. Therefore, this articulate that individual’s qualifications should be the basis of discussions relating to employees remuneration. (Ferbe & Nelson, 2003, p. 200). Cases of women being offered low wages are rampant in a number of sectors in a number of countries. In Australia, statistics released early this year shows that a larger percentage of women in the country would prefer to remain in their personal business than to get placed in a range of reemployment agencies. The decision is mainly due to the low wages that they subjected to. Australia is reportedly one of the countries that experience challenges in equity in the employment plans. It has resulted into a number of devastating consequences to the economic growth of the country. The situation in the United States is pronounced where it reportedly said that women receive payments of 77 percent of their general expected income levels. (Madden, 2000, p. 100). It has been a major reason for a low number of female counterparts in the public sector in the U.S. In reaction to these, female elites in the country have strived in order to restore equality in the work environment. Female members in the house of the representatives in the US have in most attempts table most gender bills seeking to ensure equality at work places. In bid to eliminate cases of inequality in the corporate sector as in the country in general, the Obama’s administration has introduced different plans. The government has initiated educational programs that aim at equipping the women with the skills demanded in various sectors. Sensitization programs by the government are put in place so as to encourage women to adopt the spirit of seeking for...

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