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The Generation Gap Is Which Can Be Bridged

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Full name: Đặng Thị Quỳnh Peer-check: Lã Thị Hồng Hải
Class: 11E19 Version: 2
Topic: Discuss “The generation gap is which can be bridged”

1. Introduction
+ General statement: The generation gap is the everlasting social phenomenon...
+ Topic sentence: Many people say that it can be bridged; however, it’s still a question mark.
2. Body
* For:
+ Para 2: Some people argue that it can be bridged by building positive relationships between children and elders, especially in a family.
+ Para 3: Spending much time accessing to traditional and modern things in life helps two different generations scratch out these distances.
* Against:
+ Para 4: Many others do not consider that the case as generation gap is not just a simple matter to be solved easily as mentioned above.
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They think if parents or grandparents understand their children, they can know almost their children’s aspects such as thought, psychology, communication. For example, parents know their offspring’s hobbies and dreams, they can easily talk to them and become their best friends.
Secondly, spending much time accessing to traditional and modern things in life helps two different generations scratch out these distances. For instance, updating information on the Internet, the elders can know many new things such as the way of chatting, teenagers’ trends. Meanwhile, back through the history, youngsters can learn many things that are suitable with their older generation such as ancient hobbies, wearing styles, and more.
Nevertheless, many others do not consider that the case as generation gap is not just a simple matter to be solved easily as mentioned above. Firstly, what causes misunderstandings between generations is language. In our culture, the language tends to develop and change very fast. Nowadays, young people communicate with each other using the slang that older people usually do not know. Moreover, there is another reason beside slang. With the development of the technology, mutual understanding gaps have been widened between the older and younger generations. Mobile phones, e-mails, messages etc., all these stuff are something unknown and strange to the older generations. I think the generation gap will always exist.
On the other hand, the differences are not only in fashion, music, art, taste, values, mindset etc. but also in time. Time is always moving forward and never stops. Each person must live his/her own period of time with certain specific features and complications. Being associated with others is quite difficult and the generation gap may also be narrowed instead of bridging.
In conclusion, I want to say that there is one common thing in every generation that never changes: the lack of understanding. It will always be and we can do nothing with it. We can only be more patient and try to establish better relationships with older generations, make some efforts to understand them. And they, in their turn, can try to be less conservative.

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