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The Future Of The Internet Essay

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Are you tired of watching T.V.? Why not find something to do on-line? If you prefer you can wait for the future. Today's society wants new forms of entertainment. The quest for entertainment began long ago with common games the radio, then the TV, then the computer, then BBS boards, now the internet, and eventually this trend will lead to an On-Line Virtual Reality World.To prove that the computer industries communications facilities are evolving, I found an argument from a person, A.K.A Skipper 'The truth of the matter is that the BBS industry is on its last rung on the ladder. Now we see G'comm marketing Worldgroup as a plug in to Netscape. Everyone knows that BBS's are old technology. ...view middle of the document...

As a result many schools are encouraging children to use the internet. Many schools in Europe are already connected, and computer companies are helping schools pay for the equipment. The outcome looks promising and more schools are getting into the trend of the internet. Children are learning how to create their own home pages. The children are very enthusiastic because they have the feeling that they control what they are doing in their learning process.The internet has dramatically changed the way that we communicate. E-mail has become the new way of sending mail to friends, it is quicker than the post office and far more convenient. The File-Transfer program, called 'FTP', allows anyone on the World Wide Web to transfer vast amounts of information in a matter of minutes. The Remote Login, TELNET, allows you to check your E-mail or give you access to data bases located all over the world.Business has always been an intruder. TV, Newspapers, and radios are full of advertising. Why should the Web be any different? It will become soon a Home Shopping Network and normal sites will be full of advertising. However people will do the same as they do with the TV, they will ignore the new advertisements. The Internet has been changing lately, Nine out of 10 new connections on the internet are commercial sites. These new sites offer services such as ordering books, CD's, Videos, Software and Hardware items through the Internet. Therefore users can buy items without having to go to the store. Should the event arise and a user needs to buy a product, the Web will be then a marvelous tool.The future of the internet will be 3D interaction. The World Wide Web will change from a 2-Dimensional page into a 3D universe. Indoor scenes can be now composed of Rooms, Kitchens, Tables, Book cases, etc. Anything can be a virtual object, links can become doors, the sound of a clock can get stronger as you approach it. Outdoor scenes can be composed of Rivers, Roads, Tress, etc.Companies such as DEC, SUN microsystem, Silicon Graphics, and a few others are currently supporting VRML. However, since 3D graphics need powerful graphic processors, the number of 3D documents of the World Wide Web is still poor. Machines that are able to display a Virtual world are three times quicker than a Pentium! Furthermore, adding 3D to your Web browser does not require...

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