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The Future Of Super Wi Fi Essay

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The Future for Super Wi-Fi

Chris Riley

What the heck is super Wi-Fi anyway? First let us explore the history of wireless communications. In 1747, Benjamin Franklin proposed that electricity could move through air. In 1819, Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted noted that a compass needle moved in the presence of an electrical field. Michael Faraday demonstrated the first electromagnetic induction and built the first direct current generator in 1831. In 1865 and again in 1873, famed Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell published multiple papers regarding electromagnetics. Alexander Graham Bell and Charles Sumner Tainter invented the photophone in 1880. The photophone ...view middle of the document...

We could expect from this new 600MHz spectrum is the range. The 600 MHz "Access points" would have a range of approximately a dozen miles. For bandwidth, we should be looking at 20Mbps down and 6Mbps up. But, real-world results are going to vary on exactly how we end up apportioning and utilizing the bandwidth. If we really end up getting super Wi-Fi it may not be super in terms of speed, but in as far as range goes it will indeed be super. Most of us use Wi-Fi today for data transfer between electronic devices and for high speed internet connections. But one major problem in this regular Wi-Fi is that it’s short-range, meaning that the accessibility can only be within our homes or for a few meters. But Super Wi-Fi enables internet accessibility up to 1 mile as far as research is concerned. Super Wi-Fi is actually an advanced version of Wi-Fi technology that can anticipate download speeds of 15 Mbps to 20 Mbps, about as fast as a cable modem. The proposal to use white space frequency for Super Wi-Fi was first put forth by the white space coalition constituted by Microsoft, Google, HP, Dell, Intel, Phillips, EarthLink and Samsung Electro-Mechanics, which was then approved by the US Federal...

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