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The Future Of Corporate Performance Management

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The Future of Corporate Performance Management

Adaptive Planning is a Corporate Performance Management system that has foreseen the future of IT. They have adapted a full service CPM system which can accommodate customers from beginning to end. The “cloud” has become a vital asset to the selling point which will forever change IT as we know it. This new system has allowed companies to “Dramatically reduce budgeting and forecasting cycle times by up to 90%” (Product Overview). “Allowing them to make faster, more informed and better decisions” (Product Overview). This paper will discuss the alternative of cloud computing and many of the other assets to automating the CPM cycle. ...view middle of the document...

Cloud Computing
One of the major selling points to Adaptive Planning is that it is based around cloud computing. “There are three types of service: software as a service (SaaS); infrastructure as a service (IaaS); and platform as a service (PaaS)” (O’Hanlon & Schaffhauser, 2012, p.27). “Coud computing refers to both the application delivered as services over the internet and the hardware and systems software in the data centers that provide those services. The services have long been referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS)” (Armbrust, Fox, Griffith, Joseph, Kratz, Konwinskik & Zaharia, 2010, p.50). “Cloud computing lets an organization pay by the hour for computing resources, potentially leading to cost savings even if the hourly rate to rent the machine from a cloud provider is higher than the rate to own one”(Armbrust, Fox, Griffith, Joseph, Kratz, Konwinskik & Zaharia, 2010, p.52). “To the end user, the experience is exactly the same as if the application were installed on the user’s hard drive or the company’s internal network. By having the application delivered as a service, however, employees can work from any location. Users can use different devices without having to tote around thumb drives to transfer information, since all data will be stored in the cloud” (Schaffhauser, 2012, P. 28). However the downside is “when it comes to backups, people want to have that document on their own flash drive. They want to be able to make copies themselves and see the physical point it is store” (O’Hanlon & Schaffhauser, 2012, p.31). “Concerns about data security have steadily given way, as more companies discover SaaS applications bring immediate business value, minimal technical hurdles and compelling benefits (Baseline, 2011, p. 30).
“Cloud computing is often described as “converting capital expenses to operating expenses” (Armbrust, Fox, Griffith, Joseph, Kratz, Konwinskik & Zaharia, 2010, p. 53). As we know large capital investments which are sometimes required to enter the market can be known as Porters model five forces “barriers of entry”. By not requiring large capital investments we lower the barriers of entry into the market place making it more competitive. In addition the low investment does not only lower barriers of entry but lowers switching cost. What this means for the final customer is that they have the upper hand in the customer vender relationship. They have the ability to easily switch due to low switching cost due to “renting service”.
Prior to the implementation of Adaptive planning all forecasting, budgeting and financial reporting was based out of Excel spreadsheets. Listed below are the processes which were individually recorded than manually reconciled each month. By using Adaptive planning we now have one hub in which all data is stored. We have mainstreamed our process allowing for less time required piecing data together.

The monthly forecast begins with the...

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