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The Future Impact Of Samuel Huntington's Clash Of Civilizations Theory On My Military Service

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The Future Impact of Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations Theory on My Military Service


Increased Deployments
Increased Conflict Mitigation
Increased Troop Levels Post Conflict

Focus on Humanitarian Operations
Trending Towards Humanitarian Operations
Development of Civil Affairs as a Military Branch

Focus on Post Conflict Impact
Rules of Land Warfare
Post Conflict Reconstruction

Restated Thesis

Samuel P. Huntington wrote in The Clash of Civilizations, “The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural” (Huntington, 1993).

At the core of Huntington's article is the ...view middle of the document...

For this reason I can see more deployments in a “post” conflict setting.

The greater focus on humanitarian aspects of interaction is also a growing trend. This can be observed by examining the transformation of warfare over the past 50 years. During this time period military conflict has evolved from Hitler's scorched earth policy to the development and growth civil affairs as a branch of military service. The trend began with U.S. Interaction with occupied territories during World War Two, suffered growing pains during the Vietnam War and became integrated in every branch of military service during the second Gulf War. John Ikenberry argues that “…powerful countries do seek to build stable and cooperative relations, but the type of order that emerges hinges on their ability to make commitments and restrain power” (Ikenberry, 2001)

The rules of land warfare have always attempted to keep some civility in armed conflict. Certain aspects of society are not engaged unless absolutely necessary to the mission. These include museums, buildings of historical significance, religious centers, and civilians to name a few (FM 27-10, 2006). As military conflict has evolved into action with a focus on the long term end-state the sensitivity to avoiding the destruction of non-military targets has become more of a priority. Rules of engagement are guidelines that provide soldiers in the field with parameters within which they are to operate. The concern over military impact on customs and institutions will therefore play a more prominent role in military intervention. As military interactions become more common there will be more focus in the footprint soldiers leave behind when the mission is over. “The hardest challenge for any professional military is maintaining its ethics...

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