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The Function Of Science Is To Reassure; The Purpose Of Art Is To Upset. Therein Lies The Value Of Each

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Are the function and purpose of science and art only to reassure and upset? Are there values so distinctly different from each other as the speaker stated? In my opinion, however, the function of science is not always to reassure, and the purpose of art goes far beyond upsetting.

Admittedly, science plays a crucial role in that it aims to seek the internal orders of things and reveal the laws of nature, which reassure people and diminish our anxieties in front of the unknowable things and mysterious phenomena in nature. In the ancient age, our ancestors were always puzzled and frightened by lightning, rain, snow and even wind, which seemed terrible and stronger than people. It was science that told people how and where these enchanting phenomena generated and derived from, and meanwhile, enlightened them to search for the potential orders and to utilize the strength of nature in various methods rather than crouching behind of ...view middle of the document...

For example, fast food, maybe the best choice for office workers to save time, recently was proved by the modern medicine to be harmful to people's health for the reason that there are too much fat and carbohydrate. Besides, the recent scientific research indicated that the more and more deterioration of greenhouse effect would bring out a tragedy for human beings, which terrified us with a heavy alarm.

As the sister of science, one of the most important roles of art is to upset people through questioning our own lives, societies and the world around us with a critical insight. Differing from science, art is more inclined to discover the inside world and represent the inner feelings of peoples. There are lots of works tending to question the truth and make us confused. "Rola, run, run", a new Germany movie, is a good example. At the beginning of the film, a deep and low voice asked "who we are, where are we from, where are we going, why are we here...etc", so depressive for every audience, because these essential questions were always entangling our minds and inner world. In this sense, we were struck at all. This illustrates the point that it is art like this that touches the deepest of our hearts and upset us to think over our world and ourselves.

However, as well as science, art not only upset us, but also reassure us through the peaceful sound in songs, the beautiful colors in paintings and the affective stories in literature, which are all acting as meaningful roles in our lives. Consider, without graceful music accompanying to us, how boring will the driving in a narrow car be; without impressive poems, how could we find the reason of happiness and courage in front of difficulties. Recently, a scientific investigation even showed that babies would grow up better with the music of Mozart around them. Art does benefit us a lot in our enjoyment.

In conclusion, both science and art have duel function and purpose on human beings. Science does reassure us while making us anxious with finding the truth; art aims to upset us by questioning our lives, at one time, it also content us with lots of enjoyment.

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