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The Fugitive's Baby Essay By: Kass Ghayouri

1070 words - 5 pages

Symbolic Symbols in the Fugitive’s Baby

By: book written by author Kass Ghayouri

Significant symbols are important to the novel, this shown through Kass Ghayouri’s novel. Her book, The Fugitive’s Baby shows characters that create an excellent story. The novel portrays bravery, romance, love and fear through the astonishing characters throughout the novel. The Fugitive’s Baby is about a young immigrant to Canada who experiences isolation and discomfort. She struggles through obstacles throughout her life to achieve her dream. She faces many problems as a visitor until she meets a perfect young, handsome man that makes a change in her life. She faces complications and overcomes ...view middle of the document...

The father tried desperately to maneuver the car, but it was like a fierce game of ice hockey. The car slid like a ballerina on ice” (Ghayouri 36). The father was driving carefully in the heavy snow but the jeep unexpectedly gets stuck in soft white pile of snow. The mother had an inside feeling that something horrible is going to happen through the journey to Canada. Finally, the quotation shows fear in the mother and father’s eyes during the journey. “The heavy snow and the whips of cold wind continued, resulting in worse road conditions” (Ghayouri 44). The father continues to drive back home and the snow falls heavily. The snow symbolizes death and fear towards family. Another major symbol is the bag that contains baby products.

The bag is a major symbol that appears in the journey. The green print bag is full of baby products such as diapers, baby milk, and baby wipes. The bag is put on the back seat of the red jeep. The mother and father are in fear that the immigration officers would search the bag. The bag symbolizes threat towards the family. The quotation exemplifies the panic in the mother after the immigration officers notice the bag. “She could feel her heart palpitations. Her heart raced like a horse running for the finish line. Her muscles began to twitch” (Ghayouri 75). The mother is undergoing emotional stress and pressure from the immigration officer’s discovery of the bag. The mother hopes everything will be fine an thought positively. The quotation refers to the father’s anxiety and stress he gets because of the green bag in the back seat. “His hands shook and his voice cracked. His heart beat faster” (Ghayouri 77). The immigrants were suspicious of a man traveling alone. The father is in stress that the officer spot the bag and speaks with fright in him and tends to mumble. Lastly, the quotation proves the baby quietly sleeps while his parents undergo stress. “She had to comfort him to keep him still and quiet” (Ghayouri 75). When questioning the father about the bag, the fugitive baby sleeps without making any noise. The parents have good...

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