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The Four Pillars Of Education Essay

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Shakespeare states
“We know what we are, but know not what we may be”

Indian Society needs reconstruction .This can be accomplished with the help of educator who are to transmit the best of Indian culture to younger generation by linking it with western knowledge. 

The Indian society needs positive social change .The teacher can develop the Forward Looking outlook among  pupils .For this purpose ,they must develop in themselves ‘occupational personality’ which is liberal in outlook & progressive its beliefs & ideas.

Dr. P. N. Kirpal in his article named “Towards an education ...view middle of the document...

  Aesthetic sense
6. Aptitude to communicate

 From infancy, young people must learn how to concentrate - on objects and on other people. This process of improving concentration skills can take different forms and can be aided by the many different learning opportunities that arise in the course of people's lives (games, work experience programmes, travel, practical science activities, etc.)

The development of memory skills is an excellent tool for countering the overpowering stream of instant information put out by the media. It would be dangerous to conclude that there is no point in people's improving their memory skills because of the vast amount of information storage and distribution capacity available. While some selectivity is undoubtedly required when choosing facts to be "learned by heart", there are numerous examples of the human memory's ability to outperform computers when it comes to establishing connections between memorized facts that apparently have very little to do with each other. The specifically human ability of associative memorization is not something that can be reduced to an automatic process; it has to be carefully cultivated. Furthermore, specialists in this field agree that memory skills have to be developed from infancy and that it is dangerous to discontinue various traditional exercises in schools simply because they are considered to be boring.

Thinking is something children learn first from their parents and then from their teachers. The process should encompass both practical problem-solving and abstract thought. Both education and research should therefore combine deductive and inductive reasoning, which are often claimed to be opposing processes. While one form of reasoning may be more appropriate than the other, depending on the subjects being taught, it is generally impossible to pursue a logical train of thought without combining the two.

Suggestions : -

Varied Curriculum: Subject matter , library activities , laboratory activities, playground activities, co-curricular activities

Different methods of teaching
•          Inductive-Deductive
•          Problem Solving
•          Laboratory Work


This question is closely associated with the issue of occupational training: how do we adapt education so that it can equip people to do the types of work needed in the future?

Learning must transform certified skills into personal competence. It is assessed by looking at a mix of skills and talents, social behaviour, personal initiative and a willingness to work. These are often referred to as interpersonal skills or peoples’ skills by employers. Knowledge along with other qualities like communication, teambuilding and problem solving skills is most demanded by the service sector these days....

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