The Four Functions Of Management: Planning, Management, Leading And Controlling

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One thing a successful company has is a great staff filled with people in working in different areas, all doing their best to keep the business moving forward. Like an army, the staff does need a leader, or maybe a few, to make sure that everyone in the business is organized, informed and all moving toward the goal of the company. Some people may think that this person is the owner but most of the time this person is the manager. Successful managers must know, and be able to apply the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, to their daily work routine.
Planning is specifying the goals to be achieved and deciding in advance the appropriate action needed ...view middle of the document...

Shipping and receiving needs to know when raw materials are coming in. Builders need to know if they have enough material to put together the chairs, and the date the chairs need to be assembled by. Lastly the store needs to know when they will have their finished product. If anyone of those areas of manufacturing is not organized then the deadline can be pushed back and this can cause a loss in money and or resources. After the organization is complete, leading the staff to the goal is the next step.
Leading is stimulating the people to be high performers. It includes motivating and communicating with employees, individually and in groups (Bateman & Snell, 2007). Leaders must be able to do more than just bark orders. Everyone in the staff might not have a clear idea of what is expected of them when trying to achieve a company goal. Leaders are there to “lead the way” so to speak. They must be able to show, by example if necessary, what a person specific task is and at the same time make sure the employee understand what it is exactly that is expected of them. Knowing what to do, and wanting to do it are two different things. Leaders must be able to motivate and inspire their employees to want to achieve the goal (Bateman & Snell). Leadership, organization, and planning are not enough to guarantee success (Bateman & Snell). Control is the last and most important thing needed.
Control is the management process of monitoring performance and making needed changes (Bateman & Snell, 2007). Control does not mean you have to walk around with an iron fist, cracking a whip, its means as a manager, taking the necessary actions to ensure that the company goals are reached. Let us say that you are the manager of a manufacturing plant, and an outside vendor ordered 50 units of product and they would like to have it in two weeks. Three days later you find out that the finished product is not being produced fast enough because the equipment is outdated. As a manager you have to take control of this situation and go out and either buy or rent some new equipment. You may even have to take out a contract with an outside manufacture. Either way making the decision to fix the problem to ensure that the goals are met is a form of control. Unfortunately, sometimes taking control might mean reprimanding and disciplining an employee but if no action is taken then the problem might prevent the company from reaching its goal.
Four functions of management take place in all aspects of business. In the restaurant the goal of the business is to not only have new customers come in but to keep them coming back. Their...

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