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The Forgotten Group Member Essay

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The Forgotten Group Member




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There are five main stages in group development. These are formation, storming, norming, the performing stage and the adjourning stage (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2007). It is necessary for each of these stages to be undertaken by every group; clearly knowing when on stage ends and another begins. Failures to do so, problems occur, that may culminate to poor performance or not completing the assignment at all. An analysis on a research carried out in the University of Ontario, school of business. Students were asked to carry out a group assignment. This paper ...view middle of the document...

During the storming stage, cliques and coalitions are likely to be formed. This is due to misunderstandings or preferring to isolate some members from actively participating in group work. The group did not get to norming stage. This is where any conflicts are solved, and the cohesiveness of the members achieved. The rest of the group does not have a strong working relationship with Janet. Clearly, this group it is stuck at the storming stage.

c) Solutions.

Christine should be keener as a leader, taking into account that the five stages of group development should be followed. She should make sure all that needs to be done is done in one stage before moving to the next one. Disciplinary measures should be taken against members who do not take the assignment exercise seriously. In this case, they should be taken against Mike, for his lack of commitment towards the assignment. She ought to make it clear, that during meetings, only issues to do with the assignment are discussed. Christine could appoint an assistant to assist her in coordinating the group members where she fails. Contributions by members in the group should be appreciated by the other members. Instead of joining the rest of the group in sidelining Janet, Christine should instead mediate and try to keep the group intact. Roles for all the group members should be outlined clearly, and deadlines should be set. Setting a penalty for failure to beat deadlines could have a positive outcome.

d) The Best Solution.

As the leader of the group, Christine needs to update her knowledge about...

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