The Foodbank, Regional Leader In Local Support

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The Foodbank, Regional Leader in Local Support

November 10, 2012

The Foodbank, Inc. is a regional food support program that provides assistance to residents of Montgomery, Greene, and Preble counties located in southwestern Ohio. There are nearly one hundred local member programs that rely on The Foodbank for a continuing supply of nutritious food. The Foodbank provides much needed nutrition through generous donations of time and money, and continuing support from government grants and local tax levies.
The challenges presented to The Foodbank are heightened by the economic profile of the counties it serves. According to the United States Census Bureau, 13.8% of the United States ...view middle of the document...

24). The need to maintain a proper nutrition for these developing children is becoming more important to the communities served by The Foodbank due to the rising food hardship rate in the local region as seen in figure 1:

Figure 1. Rate of hardship for several Ohio cities, and their rank nationally. Dayton serves as the major city in Montgomery County, which represents roughly 72% of the communities served by The Foodbank. State Food Hardship, retrieved from The Foodbank, Inc. website:

The Foodbank provides food assistance to the surrounding communities in various ways. The Foodbank, through the help of volunteers, creates food packages to be distributed to local pantries after their quality has been assured. The Foodbank acquires goods from local businesses, large and small, that are processes daily. The Foodbank appropriates money from various federal, state, and local governments to be used in its efforts. With the help of the local newspaper, The Foodbank is able to purchase a large supply of nutrient dense foods at wholesale levels. All of these efforts lead to The Foodbank being able to supply nearly 80% of the food needed by the local programs that it helps to support (The Foodbank, Inc., 4/26/10). The local programs and organizations then use this food supply to provide sustenance to their local communities.
There are many available avenues that can be used to provide assistance to The Foodbank. They provide easy to navigate online resources available at their website ( that allow you to easily sign up to help by doing things such as organizing a canned food drive, or donating funds directly to The Foodbank. They also allow you to utilize their website to sign up as a volunteer through the local program that you wish to support. Information concerning The Foodbank’s recent activities and accomplishments is constantly updates through it’s convenient newsletter, “Feedwire”:

Figure 2. The Foodbank’s newsletter...

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