The First Time Of Taking Toefl Exam

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The First Time of Taking TOEFL Test
Outside the window, only a few houses still had their light on. The street lamps turned the glow color from white to yellow, a warm color that could pacify the anxiety of the passerby. I looked up at the sky. The dark blue sky extended to the boundless distant place, to the other side of the earth—America—the country where I wanted to go to school. To achieve this goal, I had to take two exams, the TOEFL and SAT. I took a deep breath, thinking about my TOEFL exam. Test Of English as Foreign Language, the first barricade I need to go through, now bothered me a lot. I was forced to practice it again and again, to make sure my score was good enough ...view middle of the document...

Dad said tenderly. Such words made him like a savior to me. “Got it!” So I quickly cleared up the note, turned off the computer, rushed into my bedroom and got a nice sleep.
The next day came.
After a whole day’s training, I felt so exhausted that I was afraid I could not hold on. “Just one more article!” I told myself. I read the words on the screen one by one, and sought the meaning of each word from my memory. The gray, dusky light above my head submerged me, bringing me to sleepiness. Suddenly, my heart stopped beating, and I could not breath. “Carry on, Joanna!” I cried out in my heart. “Get it done!” I respired again after ceasing breath for several second, and finished the reading practice.
Seconds, hours, days by days, the Autumn was past and the winter came. On January of 2013, my families and I went back to our hometown Hunan. In Hunan, we could not find the sun during the daytime because of the heavy gray clouds. A decent amount of snowflakes floated to the ground. I stretched out my hand and caught a piece of snowflake, watching it melted in my palm and it brought me a little bit of a chill. “In some way, my goal of 2013 is very simple: get good grades in TOEFL and SAT”. I talked to my mom, who stood by me and watched the snow. “But to make it come true, you must complete every detailed work step by step”. Mom smiled to me, holding my left shoulder to give me some encouragement. Then we kept silent until my cousin Dieyi came out. “This year is going to be hard for me”, I told Dieyi, “with so many tests”. “You know what, Joanna? You should not think about it too much”.
You should not think about it too much. You should not think about it too much.
Her voice echoed in my heart, bringing courage to me. When I recalled her words, I almost forgot that I would take the TOEFL test in ten minutes. The workers who distributed pencils and scratch papers pulled me back to the reality by giving me a pencil and a few pieces of paper. I took a deep, long breath, “This is the moment! Relax, Joanna.” I told myself, “And do your best!”
The test began. The reading test came first. I glanced over the whole article and noted down the key point. The critical information is always in the beginning of every paragraph. Nevertheless, some key points also come up at the middle even the end of the paragraph. So I should not miss anything. Now the questions appeared on the screen. I searched the paragraph that the question assigned, and found out the right one from the four different answers. Sometimes I was trapped in deciding which one was correct, but the more I hesitate, the less chance I would pass the test. Thus, I chose one answer instinctively and moved to the listening test.
It seemed that the speakers of the real test spoke more rapidly than those who in the practice. I speeded up to note down what they said. Even though the lecture and conversation of the test were long, the big issue I could not...

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