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The First Samurai Essay

1048 words - 5 pages

Tyler Ellis
Dr. Gregory Moore
September 24, 2014

Through the life of the legendary samurai Taira no Masakado we experience the constant Japanese Civilization struggle of a peaceful controlling throughout the nation. And throughout the struggles of Taira no Masakado we see how the circumstances that he was brought into caused such a being to become one of the most fearsome warriors the country has ever known.
To go into the question of if I believe Masakado was a hero or a rebel I believe he was both. Growing up his family lived north of the Kanto plain, in the Toyoda and Sashima districts of Shimosa. He grew up in horse ranching territory, which horses were seen as a high ...view middle of the document...

For a probable reason that he did not see Masakado as a suitable man of wealth and power. To keep things from ever getting to that point Kunika decides to send Minamoto no Tasuku with a small army to ambush and kill his own nephew.
Now back to what happens when the ambush occurs. Taira no Masakado is forced to either die or fight. If he chose to die he would have to commit seppuku, which I believe he would have never done because he saw too much worth in what he realized he could accomplish. Fighting in the heat of battle Masakado and his army win the battle against the ambushing attackers. Without another thought he sets out to kill the very man who sent the army to kill him. Once Masakado takes over Kunika’s territory he burns it down and continues on with his life as an outlaw of Japan.

With these acts this causes a huge clan war. Uncle Kunika’s son Sadamori who was also cousin to Masakado planned revenge for what had happened to his father. Sadamori attacks Masakado but in the process loses everything since Masakado carries on to win. In that loss Sadamori runs off to tell the emperor to try and have a higher figure be able to destroy Masakado’s new wealth and power. In response the emperor calls that Masakado appear in Kyoto to answer for his crimes, but Masakado continues to ignore the set rules. Which was huge because now that there are two different leaders, means there are more ways of living besides by one power.
Well after a while of conquering many provinces the Emperor dies and is replaced by his son. With this change in patriarchy also comes change for the country of Japan. One of the big things that are done is that all Japanese landowners were pardoned for any of their crimes. Which meant Masakado was no longer a rebel. But of course old rivals come back to and Sadamori’s and his men attack once again. Thus putting...

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