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The First Chapter Of &Quot;Brave New World&Quot;

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Huxley´s own style of writing and his ability to describe facts and actions in a very short and direct way also mean for the reader that the book is densely packed with special vocabulary which often might not be noticed while being read for the first time.

So, especially in the first chapter "The Centre" we have the task to reread and write down the most important facts that the Book´s first sentences contain, as this first chapter is meant as an introduction that simply throws us right into the scene and enables us to look around.

Not long after starting to read, namely in the second sentence our attention is being caught by numerous words, but especially by "World ...view middle of the document...

But with the words "[...] in this year of stability AF 632 [...]" our attention is again being drawn. Since "AF" means "After Ford" which stands in contrast to "AC" which means "After Christ", we can conclude that there must have been a fundamental change in the role of religion in the society. Not only that it´s relevance might have decreased, the religion seems to have been replaced by the believe in progress and machines and the reader is more than happy when he reads the following sentence that starts with "' I shall begin at the beginning ' [...]" as the wondrous changes might now be explained.

However, the Director starts with a rather boring description of a progress dealing with eggs and fertilizing whose results the reader is more or less unable to overview so that he is finally brought back into the story at the point when the different castes, the "Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons" as well as Bokanovsky´s Process are being introduced. At this point the reader anticipates that this all must have something to do with cloning or at least with the artificial creation of life but again he hopes that all this would be explained in the next paragraph and indeed the whole meaning of the Bokanivsky´s Process is being...

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