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“The Fact That Girls Do Better Than Boys Is More To Do With Factors Outside Of The School Rather Than Factors Inside Of The School.” To What Extent Do You Agree With This View?

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“The fact that girls do better than boys is more to do with factors outside of the school rather than factors inside of the school.” To what extent do you agree with this view?
If we look at exam results such as GCSEs and A levels there is a clear picture of girls outperforming boys. Girls are also more likely to pass their A levels and go on to university. These gender and differential educational achievement have been explained by the influence of factors both inside and outside of the school.
Many sociologists have argued that it is factors inside the school that have led to this increase in girls’ performance. It has been argued that feminism has had a huge role in female achievement ...view middle of the document...

The introduction of the Equal Pay Act (1971) and the Sex Discrimination Act (1975) has allowed more equal opportunities to be created in society and as a result has helped to change the values of society and attitudes in school. This change in female expectations as made more people aware of inequality. People have become more careful with stereotyping, discriminating and being patriarchal. The feminist movement has also led to girls’ priorities changing and making them want to aim higher. Sue Sharpe found that girls no longer have marriage and children as their main priority but instead have qualifications and careers as there top priority. Francis and Skelton also found that a majority of primary and secondary school female students see education as a step towards their career and no longer a stopgap before marriage. Due to more women going to work and being independent women, girls see a lot of positive role models in work. Also, girls want to be seen as financially independent and not seen as being dependent on a husband or wanting to marry a rich man. The feminisation of teaching means that boys don’t have as many role models in school.
Negative labelling and putting students into different groups can cause some pupils to rebel against school’s values. They form subcultures and these can be either pro or anti-school subcultures. Willis looked at why working class children would only get working class jobs. He studied a group of boys who had rejected school and formed an anti-school subculture. He found that they were able to cope with their own underachievement by having this subculture where education was not important. Mac and Ghaill say that subcultures are complicated as there are lots of different types. They found that boys may join a macho lad subculture because of crisis of masculinity. However boys could also join pro-school subcultures and be proud of...

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