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The Face Of Higher Education: Corporate Social Responsibility, Stakeholders And The Managerial Role

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Renee Ojo Ohikuare
Process Management and Organizational Theory
Reaction Paper 3
October 12, 2011
Professor Arevalo

The Face of Higher Education:
Corporate Social Responsibility, Stakeholders and the Managerial Role

The purpose of this paper is to examine three themes that have been discussed in our Management Process and Organizational Theory course: Corporate Social Responsibility, the Stakeholders, and Managerial Roles. Corporate Social Responsibility emphasizes the commitment an organization makes to achieve greatness following the law and making a profit. The discussion of managers and their roles considers how certain kinds of manager’s function as it relates to ...view middle of the document...

(Carroll, 1991)
However, while this has been the ground work for what the concept of CSR is, many have argued whether it is the business’ or governments responsibility to take action and remain conscious of society’s needs as it relates to the business decision. Many people like Milton Friedman, has argued that a corporation’s purpose is to maximize returns to its shareholders, and that since only people or individuals have social responsibilities, corporations are only responsible to their shareholders and not to society as a whole. Whereas, others, like Paul Samuelson, believe that a corporation does have an obligation or responsibility to society since they are the cause for some of the problems in society. Not only should a company be responsible for society but also for their business’ profits. All in all, it is perhaps safe to agree that at the end of the day a corporation, no matter how big or small is in fact responsible for something, which is attributed to their business, whatever that may be.
Stakeholder identification and management are important disciplines in terms of effective management in an organization. It is understood, that the involvement of the stakeholder in a corporation is based on their influence to the business. However, what exactly is a stakeholder’s contribution to a company? “They must promptly and credibly associate themselves with the protestors complaining against corporate unfairness – and then present themselves as legitimate vehicles for addressing the problem.” (Monks, 2011) However, a company can’t escape the fact that stakeholders have an increasing demand of excellence and accountability in fiscal management, marketing, employment practices, customer services and other areas that make up that company or organization.
One must remember that a stake holder is not just one person, or a specific group of level management but internal (employees, owners, board of directors, etc.) and external (customers, suppliers, financial institutions, mass media, etc.) stakeholders who all have an interest and are affected by an organization’s activities. (Kinicki & Williams, 2011)
Managerial Roles
Managers can serve as one’s biggest defender or one’s biggest assailant depending on the core intentions of that individual or individuals. Nonetheless, they are there for a reason, not only to “manage” their staff
-discuss briefly the 17 managerial roles, maybe a bit about the theorist behind it
How do they relate?
The current economic climate has been an agonizing reminder that sound business practices are essential to every university’s mission, a fact that has been brought home to faculty members through furloughs, program cuts, travel restrictions, and even reductions in retirement benefits. With the state of our economy, educational institutions are now obligated to step up their efforts to recruit individuals (students) provide them with needed materials (latest methods and research in...

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