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The Fabulous Button Sisters Essay

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The Fabulous Button Sisters

Write a summary of The Fabulous Button Sisters:
The story is about a girl named Karen, and her friend Michelle. Michelle is a girl who is very confident and outgoing and Karen is more the quiet kind of girl. Michelle is living with her aunt because her mother is in Hollywood trying to become a star, and Michelle is waiting for her mother to become a star so she can come over to her and become one too. Karen is living with her mom and dad.
Karen and Michelle is talking about going to a party and come dressed up like buttons, one in brown and one in white, and they call themselves The Button Sisters. The parents find it very funny that the girls want to go to the party in dirt-colored close instead of dressing up ...view middle of the document...

She had a friend named Connie. Karen started to hang out with Michelle because Connie got sick. When Connie came back, Michelle didn't want Karen and Connie to be friends again. And Karen could not say no to Michelle. Karen is not a person who makes her own decisions, but it is just easier to go whit the flow.

Comment on Michelle and her behavior:
Michelle is new at the school, but she is not influenced by that. She is absolutely not shy or threatened by being the new girl at school. She is very controlling and dominant towards her surroundings, especially against Karen. The text shows that Michelle likes to be in control, when she says "We'll dress up as buttons. I'll be white and you can be ordinary."

Write a short essay in which you discuss what characterizes friendship:
In a friendship, it is very important to have confidence in each other. In order to have a good friendship you have to be honest with each other, help each other, share experiences and secrets with each other. You can be friends with girls and boys, it do not necessarily need to be of the same sex. Often you have many similarities and opinions in a friendship, but you can still get mad at each other. If you are really good friends, you can easily talk about things and forgive each other and become friends again. As friends, you always have someone you can talk to about everything, for example, love, suffering, fashion and gossip for that matter. Friends are something you cannot live without. Some people have either lost contact with their families, or they have no family left, and therefore their friends are a kind of family for them. You do not always have to be together and stay close to each other to be friends, but as long as you keep in touch and visit each other, a good friendship could last forever.

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