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The Expansion Of Ziptalk In New Zealand

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The Expansion of ZipTalk in New Zealand
Tiffany Crayle
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Dr. Wayne Matthews
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ZipTalk was established in 1998 in Baltimore, MD and has grown tremendously since 2005. As a company who provides cell phone communication and services to millions of customers nationally, it is time to expand ZipTalk horizons and expand globally. ZipTalk mission is to provide customers with clear cell phone communication and exceptional service nationally. With over 400 franchises, across the United States, ZipTalk has become one of the leading cell phone distributors in the nation. As a leader and CEO of this company I propose a global expansion to New Zealand within the ...view middle of the document...

After many wars with the native settlers during 1843-1872, New Zealand became its own separate territory by 1907 (Australia-Oceania :: New Zealand, 2013). New Zealand was “…an agrarian economy dependent on concessionary British market access… (New Zealand, 2013),” whereas now, New Zealand has industrialized their economy and participates in a free market (New Zealand, 2013). New Zealanders are called Kiwis (Australia-Oceania :: New Zealand, 2013) and enjoy leisurely time in their country. Expanding a company in the beautiful land of New Zealand will attract customers from the United States to visit, which will bring more money into New Zealand’s economy. New Zealand culture is more laid back but still hard working as well. For fun, Kiwis like to enjoy the outdoors, play ruby football, enjoy the beaches, and see the land (Facts About New Zealand, 2013). Since there are not near as many people in New Zealand as the United States, kiwis and tourist enjoy the leisurely life, open land, and scenery.
According to the CIA website, New Zealand’s political system is a “…parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realm (New Zealand, 2013).” Their system is distributed over three branches of government. Parliament makes the law, the Executive governs the law, and the Judiciary understands the laws through the courts (How Parliament works, 2006). New Zealand is different from the United States in their political system. In the United States there is a Senate and a House of Representatives, in New Zealand they only have the House of Representatives (How Parliament works, 2006). The Parliament’s head of State is the Sovereign, much like the U.S. President. “The Sovereign’s role in Parliament includes opening and dissolving Parliament and giving the Royal assent to bills passed in the House of Representatives (How Parliament works, 2006).” Currently, the Sovereign is Queen Elizabeth II and the Prime Minister is John Key, who works with the Queen on deciding and appointing the Governor-General (The Queen's role in New Zealand, 2009). It’s very important to know the background of a countries political system before expanding the company. Even though New Zealand is very similar to the United States there are some noteworthy differences between the two political systems that ZipTalk expansion will need to consider.
To begin the expansion, ZipTalk will need to establish the differences in culture values and traditions. Most countries describe Americans as hard working, precise, and law-abiding (Alder, 2008). It is better to know how New Zealand workers perceive U.S. workers than to compare without knowing. Even though New Zealand is similar to U.S., in the business world, there are many differences. One difference is the language. There are two leading languages spoke in New Zealand: English and Maori (New Zealand, 2013). Like the United States, there is a blend in cultures. Upon the arrival of the Maori thousands of years ago, the country has expanding in many...

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