The Exley Chemical Company Essay

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I. Problems
A. Macro:
1. A competitor is about to patent a new process for the product of polymers.
2. Each division head works on the project that makes the most for them, but it doesn’t necessarily help bring new products to the market.
3. There is a lack of coordination within the company’s operations.
4. The company is experiencing a decrease in sales and profits.
5. There are operational conflicts within the major departments.
6. There is no uniformity of command.

B. Micro:
1. The existing structure cannot adequately coordinate complex projects.
2. Sales executives tend to question the sales estimates issued by the product managers.
3. The coordination between marketing ...view middle of the document...

e. Marketing, Production and Consumer Research)
7. Deaf consumer thoughts/ideas

III. Systems Affected
1. Structural: the unity of the groups is affected
2. Psychosocial: The presence of the product manager with the customer causes a psychosocial issue with marketing. In addition, the presence of marketing research by product manager causes a strain.
3. Technical: There is lack of communication via the current networking system between marketing and product development. Databases are not updated on progress of pending projects for the benefit of marketing.
4. Managerial: A clear chain of command is not defined.

IV. Alternatives
1. Keep the organization structure as status quo.
2. Dissolve the Product Development ramp up on additional staff in research, engineering and marketing to collectively coordinate projects, make them interdepartmental liaisons. Possibly not effective decision due eh amount of money spent to build this department. The competition and conflict could remain if the employees from the dissolved...

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