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The Execution Of The Second World War

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LAST NAME : Mejias
Q1. Smart-Toys-Smart Kids CEO (Part 1)
“Smart-Toys-Smart Kids” is a toy manufacturing company. They are providing toys to retail stores in the region. The company has 500 employees. The CEO of the company Fred is looking for alternatives to streamline B2B transactions between his employees and the retail stores. Fred's information systems department has presented him with two alternatives for developing the new tools for better customer service with the retail stores.

The first alternative will have a special software tool developed in C++ program (application software) that clients ( 500 employees) will download ...view middle of the document...

Q2 Smart-Toys-Smart Kids CEO (Part 2)
Smart-Toys-Smart Kids has decided to install a new e-mail package to streamline communications within the company. Fred would like to have one common calendar for his all 500 employees. The expected features of the new e-mail package are “background processing” that doesn't get a great deal of attention. This includes managing connections, checking for errors in commands and e-mail messages, and reacting accordingly. The e-mail software vendors offered two different e-mail system for solution. One vendor is offering an SMTP-based two-tier client server architecture. The second vendor is offering a Web-based e-mail architecture. Fred doesn't understand either one.

a) Briefly explain to Fred, in layman's terms, the differences between the two.
b) Outline the pros and cons of the two alternatives
c) Make a recommendation to Fred about which is better for his company

a) Classification

SMTP-based two-tier client server architecture | Web-based e-mail architecture |
The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is the most used e-mail standard. SMTP e-mail is usually implemented as a two-tier thick client-server application, but not all the time. | The two-tier thick client-server architecture makes the client computer run an application layer software...

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