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The Evolution Of Selling: A Study Of Historic And Contemporary Sales Methods And Attitudes’

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ENTE 2534 ASSIGNMENT 1 Criteria

‘The evolution of selling: a study of historic and contemporary sales methods and attitudes’

Name: Arun Sehgal
Student Number: P11271202
Tutor Marking: Edwina Goodwin
Introduction/Conclusion..5% | | |
Depth and Range of academic research, and evidence of understanding 25% | | |
Quality of examples both historic and contemporary25% | | |
Quality of individual analytical discussion- convincing? 25% | | |
Correct format as outlined in module guide; adequate & correct referencing, free from errors…………………….10% | | |
Reflection… …10% | | |
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Therefore sales representatives were introduced to large factories in order to cover area to relieve the surplus of the growing in demand. Large factories provided very little feedback to their sales representatives causing loyalty issues to the firm, as they were seen as contracted help. These types of practices remained unchanged till the late 1970s.
Ford motor company had revolutionised the American industry. Henry Ford was the first to introduce mass production/ marketing in which there was a form of labour along technological advancement. In 1910 to 1929 purchasing power from workers had a drastic increase of 40% in the US this meant that sales people has to gain a new approach in order to have selling power. Therefore models and practices were needed to be made. (Culture change, A) . A relation to Fords mass marketing is that the “Mass production would be a shadow of what it is today if it had waited for the consumer to make up his mind.” 12 Salesmen persuaded customers to make purchases. They also gathered information, wrote credit reports, and often even serviced products. (Birth of a salesman). This was seen to be a hard selling approach where customer was treated aggressively by the sales professional.
‘Death of a Sales man’ a play made by Arthur Miller tells a true story of a sales man called Willy Loman. Where he was on the decline as he was not able to keep up the changing environment in the post world war 2 era, meaning the change in technological advancement. As weapons were being made the updated systems changes the way sales people communicated, travelled as the infrastructure of improved.
However in the mid to late 19th century changes were occurring faster than usual. This is where product orientation had become far less valuable than customer orientation. Methodologies, models and practices started to take its toll around sales and marketing. New techniques were shown to explain the importance of accepting these models and practicing them. AIDCA model (Figure 1) combines methodology and psychology, this method produced a simple five step stage to show how to secure a buying commitment. This model showed the products features to the customer and illustrated its benefits as well, realising that an aggressive approach was becoming insignificant in the time. Another sales type of model was used in the 1950s which was the Closing Sales Model; which introduced heavy emphasis was placed on presentation skills, trial closing and overcoming objections, then going for the final major closing sequence. (The 12 Models of Selling, Robert DeGroot, D.C.H.). This is where the customers buying power had no affect, since Transactional selling was known as the phase between World war II to the 1950s where ‘ In the previous era of selling, transactional selling focused on the salesperson and the selling firm, utilizing a one-way model of communication from salesperson to customer.’ (Ingram et al. 2006:24).
Changes in the 1960 and...

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