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The Evolution Of Retailing In Canada

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THE EVOLUTION OF RETAILING IN CANADACanada was once roamed by about 220 000 Natives before the arrival of Europeans. Most of them lived in what is now called British Columbia and Ontario. Northern and Southern nations traded in the form of ceremonies, gift giving, feasting and speech making. Soon, the European explorers arrived, bringing with them new products such as copper kettles, metal knifes, guns, axes, etc. They traded with the natives using the barter system. Barter system is trading of goods and/ or services. Natives traded furs, canoes, snowshoes, tobacco, and moccasins in return.After 1600, British and French crossed the Atlantic Ocean in large number. The Hudson's Bay Company was ...view middle of the document...

Timothy Eaton brought in the nation a department store in 1869. Then they published their first catalogue in 1884. When the Canadian Pacific Railway linked British Columbia with the rest of the nation in 1885, large numbers of settlers moved westward. Then soon, Eaton's opened their second store in Winnipeg in1905. A few years after the second Eaton's was opened, in 1916, Eaton's opened its offices for mail order.Another significant development during World War I was that T.P. Oblaw invented the idea of a self-service grocery store in 1918. The next year, Dominion Stores were opened. A group of independent retailers join together and made up the IDA (Independent Druggists Alliance) in 1933. In the 1930s, franchising was developed by an American named Howard Johnson. Franchising is the licensing of a company's trademark, products, and practices. During World War II self- supermarkets were set up everywhere and after the war, vending machines were beginning to be made.The 1950s brought to life the neighbourhood plazas and community plazas. Neighbourhood plazas are usually built around a grocery supermarket while community plazas had a major grocery store on...

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