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The Evolution Of Musical Instruments Essay

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Evolution of Musical Instruments
Music, the concept is something almost instinctually recognized. Rhythm, is it appropriated from our culture, or is it something innately recognized between living beings? From beating on walls to humming tunes, making music is something we are almost all capable of doing. But over time we have evolved our way of procuring these sounds, these vibrational patterns, and it has helped us evolve the actual concept of music to newer and grander concepts. To better understand this, I have drawn up the following timeline, demonstrating the evolution of musical instruments.

• ??? Our first musical instruments were natural our lungs. Dating back to the ...view middle of the document...

This system is used in the West until 1050
• 750 Wind organs, originally from Byzantium, start to replace water organs in Europe
• 942 Kettledrums and trumpets brought to Europe by Arabs
• 980 Organ with 400 pipes finished at Winchester Monastary, England
• 990 Development of systematic musical notation
• 1050 The harp arrives in Europe
• 1100 First acoustic guitars used
• 1200 Cymbals introduced as a musical instrument
• 1360 Beginnings of the development of the Clavichord and Cembalo
• 1465 First printed music
• 1564 Andrea Amati makes his first Italian violin
• 1600 Recorder becomes popular in England
• 1610 Trombone invented
• 1664 French Horn becomes an orchestral instrument
• 1680 Stradivari makes his earliest known Cello
• 1709 Invention of the pianoforte
• 1711 Tuning Fork invented in in England
• 1750 First banjos, thought to be derived originally from Africa, made popular by North American slaves
• 1753 The Denis d’or, the first technical electrical instrument is mentioned in manuscript
• 1762 Benjamin Franklin improves the Harmonica, turning it into a practical instrument
• 1772 First barrel organs produced by Flight and Kelly, a firm in London
• 1783 Patents for piano pedals are procured in England
• 1795 Early predecessor to the Keytar, the Orphica, a small portable piano is invented in Vienna
• 1814 J.N. Maelzel invents metronome in Vienna
• 1823 Sebastien Erard constructs a grand piano with double escapement
• 1829 Accordion invented
• 1830 Valves were added to trumpets
• 1833 Dulcimer starts to circulate
• 1835 Tuba invented
• 1840 French develop first Harmonium
• 1846 First Saxophone patented
• 1850 Italians start developing first Mandolins
• 1853 Ocarina is invented by Italian, Giuseppe Donati
• 1880 Ukulele developed in Hawaii
• 1900 Modern keyboard invented
• 1902 Thaddeaus Cahill sets up the Telharmonium or Dynamaphone, a 200-ton array of Edison dynamos that produced different pitched hums according to the speed of the dynamos. The electrical output was "broadcast" over telephone lines.
• 1905 Early drum kits started being assembled
• 1906 Lee DeForest invents the Triode Vacuum Tube which led to amplification of electrical signals.

• 1920 First electrically amplified violins used
• 1928 Russia patents first Theramin
• 1928 Ondes-Martenot patented
• 1928 Trautonium patented
• 1929 Hammond Organ developed based on the...

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