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The Evolution Of Information Technology And Its Impact

533 words - 3 pages

The Evolution of Information Technology and its Impact

Felles Grant

Grantham University

October 29, 2013

The Evolution of Information Technology and its Impact

Businesses have been searching forever for newer technology and ways to speed up production to draw in more business. With the introduction of the first personal computer in 1981 the promise of a new age of information technology was just beginning. Before businesses could capitalize on these benefits some rearranging had to take place. Automated tellers came to be and Microsoft releases the windows operating system in 1985, then in the 90's electronic commerce gabbed hold to technology.
Now look at us mostly all business is conducted over a ...view middle of the document...

C and 1450 A.D. Yes we're talking caveman. Some of man's first communications were performed by drawings and carvings on rocks. This technology was called petroglyths. The along came the alphabet and we as people began writing information down. We were writing so much that libraries had to be developed to store and keep what was being written. The mechanical age was the time between 1450 and 1840 a lot of new things were developed in this time frame. The analog computer and slide rule considered to big inventions during this age. The electromechanical age takes place during 1840 and 1940 with the beginnings of telecommunication. Morse code was created in 1835 and the telephone in 1876 a technology we still use today. The telephone is one of if not the most popular inventions ever created. The electronic age is where we are now, the time between 1940 and the present. In this era we witnessed the invention of the first high speed digital computer, this was huge. I mean literally huge, taking up 680 square feet and weighing about 30 tons.
May 22, 1973 marked the 20th year the world wide web has been in use and available to the world. Lets look at IT as the digitization and the growth in the amount of data created, shared and consumed. IT is a very important part of every business and must be part of the business plan. Remember when email was the driving force of the internet, now email drives your business. The email is one our main ways of communicating with employees and customers. Hey guess you never thought we would ever be video conferencing 20 years ago.


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