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The Evolution Of Human Computer Interface And Beyond

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The Evolution of Human Computer Interface and Beyond


1. Abstract 2
2. Introduction 3
3. Evolution of HCI 4
4. Important features and facts to ponder 5
4.1 Operating systems and their role in HCI 5
4.2 HCI in the making of a virtual reality 6

5. Glimpse towards the future of HCI 7
5.1 HCI for enhancing human life 7
5.2 Uses and Impacts of HCI 9

6. Conclusion 11
7. References 12


“HCI concept came into the spotlight after various researches; the improvement of GUIs paved the path for a better and advanced interaction between humans and computers.

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Thus introduction of personal computers have made the growth of HCIs more rapid. Following will briefly determine the gradual development of HCI via GUIs and other various interactions.

• Ivan Sutherland was the first to show direct manipulation of graphical objects via sketchpad, a system build at Lincoln labs. Apart from that William Newman's Reaction Handler, AMBIT/G system was among the pioneers of developing GUI which eventually aided in the evolution of HCI technology. Introduction of Xerox Star, Apple Lisa and Macintosh computers laid foundation for a speedy growth in HCI throughout the world. Distance between human and computer became much closer due to the emergence various GUIs and tactile technologies which had enabled a smoother interaction among the humans and computers. Also the inclusion of mouse as a tactile device which can interact with a computer GUI proved to be a revolutionized aspect in the evolution of HCI.

• Whenever since computer and its technology became household equipment, the interaction between human and computers had become a reality which not only belonged to IT professionals, but also for ordinary people. With the development of windows, a virtual place in the computer which people can interact, and applications included in the windows environment aided in improving far better interaction among people towards the computer. Gradually with the inclusion of applications such as drawing programs, word processing programs, spread sheets, etc. HCI became a normal routine in peoples’ life.

Important features and facts to ponder

Typically HCI mainly concerned about the design which interacts with the user. Over the past couple of decades, the usability has increased immensely, providing far better interaction between human and computers.

1 Operating systems and their role in HCI

Since the evolution of GUIs, the operating systems which GUIs built upon played a major role in dissolving the fact that GUI is only a virtual mirage. From typing commands to interacting with graphical objects on the screen, operating systems have been an essential instrument in HCI.

“From GUIs to multi-touch, speech to gesturing, the ways we interact with computers are diversifying as never before.”

Harper, Rodden, Rogers, Sellen (2008) Being Human: Human-Computer Interaction in the year 2020, 1st Edition, United Kingdom: Microsoft Research Ltd

Operating Systems which aided HCI, in brief

• Microsoft’s windows operating system platform was a pioneer in closing the gap between humans and computers via its graphically armoured operating systems. It has devoured the computers with its user friendly environment. Sooner GUI objects on the windows operating systems, which people interacted with clicking the mouse, became household names.

• With the growth of mobile computing, android, apple operating...

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