The Event That Happened During The 60's

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Unit 9 Assignment

John Devlin
SS310-10: Exploring the 60’s
Instructor: Aine Lorie

The event that happened in the 1960’s, which I will be using for this assignment is The Women’s Rights Movement.
My life would be different it many various ways if this event had not occurred. First, my mother sister, daughter, girlfriend and other women I know would not have the liberties, opportunities and sense of empowerment and confidence that they have at this time. This of course enables them to earn more money, pursue jobs and other positions of higher status, keep themselves from feeling restricted from certain avenues of advancement and have an overall stronger more positive outlook on their ...view middle of the document...

Many of these women in my family and my life are very independent, strong willed, driven to succeed and in some ways stubborn with what they want and believe. This creates more opportunity and freedoms but it also creates disagreements over trivial matters at times from what seems to be an attempt at exuding an overpowering character. This does happen with some men also, which is apparent at times. This may be accepted when men do it because men have historically been the breadwinners and women are generally unable to physically “back up” any stand, ultimatum or threat they make.

The Women’s rights movement affected my course of study and career path in several ways. I have had several different career paths in my life and they were all altered in many ways because of the Women’s rights movement. My career in sales could be seen as having a downswing in profit due to the fact that there are more sales people being women out in “the field” pitching their respective products. This can not be proven but it is being presented as a hypothetical possibility. Of course on the other hand there are also more buyers that are women as they have their own incomes nowadays.
More and more women have become sales people for several reasons. The availability of positions, the high potential profit that can be earned, the lack of education or experience needed to do the job and that in some cases certain buyers, business owners or merchants feel more comfortable dealing with a female when it comes to sales. Many women prefer to buy from another women especially when it comes to things such as clothing, shoes, feminine hygiene products to name a few. They also feel more comfortable going to a female gynecologist, psychologist and pharmacist. With this they feel that women are more honest, relaxed and not high pressure. This can also lead to negotiating down the price which can be a bad thing in that women will earn less money, the company loses profit and the entire industry standards pricing will eventually be reduced when other buyers find they can get that particular product for less. This of course happens with men as well but the general perception is that women are easier to...

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