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The European Impact On North America Which Occured Begining In 1492. Written From The View That Europe Influenced North America In A Positive Way

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The European arrival to North America was an extremely significant leap into the future. This introduction of two entirely opposite and completely separate cultures inevitably molded and shaped our present existence. Fortunately, European culture prevailed because of its technological and social advancement. If the Native Americans would have driven the Europeans from the continent, then we would all be either nonexistent, or living in extremely crowded, filthy, disgusting places for the duration of our lives (very similar to public schools).First making contact with Native Americans in 1492, Christopher Columbus had no idea he had discovered the Americas. After this first contact, more and more Europeans ventured over the Atlantic to seek their fortunes in the New World. From that point on, the ...view middle of the document...

When Columbus returned to Hispaniola, he brought with him many types of cattle, swine, and horses, which later found their way to the mainland and spread as far north as Canada in less than two centuries. Sugarcane was also introduced to the supple, warm climate of present-day Haiti and the Dominican Republic and ?thrived causing a sugar revolution in Europe.? Another major aspect of European arrival was the transportation of slaves. With all of the plantations and farms in the New World, many Africans were shipped over to help tend to the well being of the crops. However, the introduction of the potato into African culture ?more than offset the losses cause by the slave trade.? In the New England states, fur trade boomed and Indians were somewhat happy; they traded furs and in return received metal pots and copper kettles ?to replace gourd bowls and clay pots.? Metal ax heads, glass beads, decorative jewelry, woolen blankets, and guns were also many things that the Native Americans sought in their trades.Clearly, in the onset of their relations, both sides benefited. But as the Old World settlers become more and more voracious in their appetite for land and ownership, the Indians revolted and inevitably caused their own destruction with their paltry uprisings. One cannot rightly say whether this was beneficial to the continent or not; however, many indications point to the affirmative. With the Indians removed, more room was made for European settlers. As the population of North American exploded, it became a force to be reckoned with. Its trade status improved and England ignorantly tried to tighten its grip on the colonies. Eventually, through revolution, the thirteen colonies banded together, overthrew the English grasp on them, and became the all-powerful United States of America! Without the defeat of the Indians, our country would not exist today.

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