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The Ethical Use Of Information Technology.Docx

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The Ethical issues that relate to the use of Information Technology
By Trenton Winfield

The word “ethics” is defined by Merriam-Webster as rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad. When put into relationship with using information technology it means handling computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, internet, and computer service with care and not using the information for personal gain. The ethical issues as they relate to the use of information technology, according to Richard O. Mason of GDRC, are privacy, control, accuracy and security. Each plays a part in the trust we give to people in charge of this information
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Procedures or policies that provides a reasonable guarantee that the information technology used by an organization operates as intended, that data is reliable and that the organization is in compliance with the laws and regulations are called IT Controls. IT Controls are classified as either: general controls or application controls. A general control should prove that the organization has a procedure in place such as risk management, disaster recovery and security. Application controls are actions that a software application does automatically. They should show that the software applications used for the business are acceptably maintained. To maintain control over the information they gather, business should monitor their employees and how the systems are being used. These businesses let their employees know, they should not expect privacy when using company networks or Internet access.” Scan it, shred it or lock it up. Data can be breached the old-fashioned way too, so Mr. D’Accordo tells clients to keep paper files to a minimum. If they must keep paperwork, it should be kept in locked file cabinets and scanned so there is always a digital backup. If the paper doesn’t have to be kept, it should be shredded.” (Zimmerman, 2014). “Personal and other private information that is no longer necessary for the function for which it was collected must be destroyed” (Branscomb, 1995, p. 71). Responsibility for controlling database is a shared responsibility with the business employees and IT. The IT specialists’ job is to provide a secured drive for storage and data backup. The business’ employees are responsible for the rest.
Making effective decisions is motivated by correct information, but controlling quality comes with a cost. While checking and making sure information is inputted correctly, time is taken away from production. Technology has allowed for more complicated processes. If there is a problem elsewhere in the process, it effects the rest of the progress. Interactions between systems and creating even bigger databases, the magnitude of an error has become greater. Dependency on distributed systems increased the potential for error. Managers have a responsibility to measure negative outcomes and they should be held responsible.
Along with the advancement of technology, there comes an advancement of dangers to information gathered by...

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