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The Essay Is About The Darkness In The Book "Lord Of The Flies" By William Golding

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Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, brings out the evilness in human beings, which is portrayed by dark colors and overall darkness. The novel begins as a group of young, school boys are plane wrecked on a deserted island. The boys must overcome fate and adversity to survive. Throughout history darkness has been associated with sin and the devil. Ironically the title, Lord of the Flies, has been translated into the devil from the Hebrew word Ba'alzevuv (205). This also foreshadows evilness that is going to happen in the novel. Darkness plays a large role throughout the novel representing evilness.The first aspect of evil shown is through dark clothing. From the beginning Jack and his ...view middle of the document...

Jack being the hunter that he is wants to rush things and kill. On the other hand Ralph is patient and puts more important things ahead of hunting. To Ralph the more important things are eating and safety of others. However, the boys, except Simon, do not realize there is no beast, just themselves.The time of day also shows imitation of darkness and fear. In the morning," [was] so full that hope was not necessary" (58). The morning was a time for play, a time when the tribe united in laughter and fun. Nevertheless, when darkness falls all hope is also lost and the island becomes desolate. Leaving the tribe to worry about the Beast and death. Nighttime is also when the tribe kills Simon. The worst of all things happen at night because conscience takes over. One begins to hallucinate and fear every noise.Roger one of the most evil characters in Golding's masterpiece represents the executioner of Jack's tribe. Ralph has rules which keep Roger in line and feel there is some sort or authority. However, when the tribes split, Jack allows Roger to be free and make deadly contact (Kelly 68). The reader can recognized that Roger is an evil character because he wears dark clothing. He is also talked about having dark shadows on his face, and being a part of Jack's Choir. Roger first shows his evilness when he murders a mother sow. However, Roger is not finished he is still hungry, and with this hunger he kills Piggy. "Roger just likes to hurt people" (Kelly 83).Finally, Jack is the antagonist in the novel. He is very rebellious and disobeys the island rules. He feels hunting and killing is more important than being rescued. Jack is scared of the beast, however,"...he himself is fulfilling the role of the beast" (Kelly 53). The reader can identify Jack as being evil by the clothes he wears and the...

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