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Imagine this scenario set in the future. We know that a decently large rogue planet will be crashing into Earth in a certain number of years and we cannot do anything to stop this from happening. However, we do have the ability to terraform a planet. If we could also move humanity to either Mars or Venus, which one should we go for and why?
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Interesting question. To start off, I will define what terraforming is for those who do not know what it means. Terraforming refers to the hypothetical process of modifying a planet or other heavenly body in order to make it habitable by humans. This outcome can be achieved by changing the atmosphere’s competition, the body’s temperature, ...view middle of the document...

Further, the soil and atmosphere of Mars contains many of the main elements needed for life (). Large amounts of water ice exist below the Martian surface, which can be heated up to provide abundant sources of liquid water. Large amounts of oxygen can also be found in metal oxides and in the soil as per-nitrates, although molecular oxygen only exists in minute amounts. This is advantageous because electrolysis could be used to separate the abundant water on the planet into oxygen and hydrogen if sufficient electricity were available.
Terraforming Mars would entail three major and related changes: increasing the atmosphere, increasing the temperature and preventing the atmosphere from being lost due to low gravity. Increasing the atmosphere is important as the current atmosphere is relatively thin and has a very low surface pressure. As the atmosphere builds up, the greenhouse effect would start to occur, which will help heat the planet and melt the frozen ice. The process of melting the frozen ice will create water vapour, which will augment the process. Ammonia could be imported from Earth as a powerful greenhouse gas; this would have the effect of improving the greenhouse effect and contributing to the mass of the atmosphere. Another method of increasing temperature would be to direct small asteroids from the larger impeding asteroid onto the Martian surface through the use of high power lasers, which would release heat energy onto the planet through the impact and therefore sublimate CO2 or vaporize water into greenhouse gases. Impacting asteroids onto the planet’s numerous nitrate beds would also release additional nitrogen and oxygen into the atmosphere.
Terraforming Mars has been arguably easier than terraforming Venus due to the requirements that terraforming Venus requires. First, Venus has an extremely dense 9MPa carbon dioxide atmosphere; this atmosphere would need to lightened in order for living to occur. Secondly, the planet’s temperature is simply too high for living; at 450 degrees, human life would be unable to cope. The changing of these two aspects...

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