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The English Exploration Vs The Spanish Exploration

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The New World known today as America is a product of the meeting of two worlds, two different social, political and economic environments. America remained hidden for thousands of years and unknown to European explorers. Its discovery consisted of a clash of cultures, languages, traditions and history. Although they bear a similarity as they were both initially sponsored by monarchs in search of the Northwest Passage, the differences between the Spanish (1492 – 1548) and English (1584-1648) explorations are very clear.
During the XV century the first marine expeditions that allowed having a better understanding of the world, were made. The major European explorers that were part of the ...view middle of the document...

According to Royal, that is being “rejected since Columbus gave that name thinking he was in the Indies” and historians have discovered all the exploitation that occurred when discovering the New World. Columbus voyages opened the doors to other explorations and colonization of the New World. The Spanish exploration was induced by geographical and political configuration of the continent and the Caribbean was the gateway. On January 1, 1492 the Spanish ended a war of national liberation ending eight centuries of Arab rule allowing the territorial and political unification of a devastated, miserable, and weak Spain. The Spanish conquest and colonization was led by an impoverished and weakened state eager to take all the riches that were found. On October 12, 1492, Columbus discovers the New World, America, and allows the Spanish kings to establish a mercantile policy and thus take as much wealth from their new domains and to strengthen and increase their power. All conquerors came thirsting for riches and spared no efforts in order to achieve it; however, according to Bonvillian, “sometimes the objective of the European explorers was to establish trading relations with the inhabitants of these “new” lands. Other expeditions, however, were raids designed primarily to capture native peoples and force them into slavery.” They also arrived without a desire to take root in America since very few came with their families which caused miscegenation. It was not until later times that Spanish families emigrated, hence the Spanish predisposition towards miscegenation, which did not happen in Angle-America. Until now, humanity had not had a mixture of ethnicities, languages, landscapes and customs of such magnitude. The average age of the Spaniards was 20 years old and single. The period of discovery, conquest and colonization comprising 1492-1550 were a fast, violent, and cruel period where Indians were persecuted, hunted and enslaved. Prior to the arrival of the British in America, Indian civilizations were solid structures that were built over several years. For the British, the inhabitants of these civilizations were not considered human.
In contrary to the Spanish exploration, the English exploration between the years of 1584-1648 was late but orderly. England in the XVII century was affected by a war that lasted 30 years among Catholics and Protestants in Europe. Calvinists and French Huguenots traveled to England for refuge from monarchs. These settlers with strong rooted political and religious autonomy were well received in England. The British monarch allowed them to colonize and develop freely in America. The British entered the mercantile economy by investing in the construction of new ships and maritime commerce since piracy had become a major source of profits based on the assaults of ships leaving the Caribbean towards Europe. Sir Walter Raleigh led three expeditions to carry out the colonization of the region of North America. It was...

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